Community Message: Cinco de Mayo Family Festival Honoring the People of Ukraine

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El Conquistador Latino newspaper and UMOS are proud to present the 5th Annual Cinco de Mayo Family Festival. This year will mark the 160th anniversary of Cinco do Mayo, and we have a lot planned for the event.

After a two-year hiatus, the festival returns with several new contests: a song by Vicente Fernandez and a look-alike contest in honor of the late great Vicente Fernandez. We have also added a Tamale Eating Contest. These new competitions will please everyone.

Cinco de Mayo is a popular annual celebration commemorating the famous Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, when the outnumbered and ill-equipped Mexican army defeated the more powerful and better-armed French army. The victory of the Mexican force against the French army boosted Mexico’s morale. A battle cry that rallied the country to fight against unprovoked invaders.

This year we dedicate the Cinco de Mayo Festival to the people of Ukraine. Much like the battle fought in Puebla, the Ukrainian people are united in a fight against a well-equipped and larger adversary.

Members of St Michael’s Ukrainian Church will hold a prayer service to call for an end to the Russian-Ukrainian war and call for peace as part of the opening ceremony. At the festival, St. Michael’s Ukrainian Church will have a booth to raise funds for war victims and other items for recent refugees who have come to Milwaukee. The grand opening ceremony will take place at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, 2022, at UMOS Corporate Plaza, 2701 S. Chase Ave. Milwaukee, WI.

The El Conquistador Latino newspaper and the United Migrant Opportunity Service (UMOS) will present St Michael’s Ukrainian Church and the Ukrainian people with a plaque dedicated to the “Triumph of the Human Spirit”.

“Triumph of the human spirit. is an award that we will give to five people in our community who have fought to improve the quality of life of the Latino community. This year we will honor the original “Soldados” (soldiers) of our community: Ernesto Chacon, Jesus Salas, Marla Anderson, Roberto Hernandez and Dante Navarro.

Members of the Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee will be present at the festival to represent Mexico as we honor the people of Ukraine during the opening ceremony.

Cinco de Mayo festival features music, Mexican folk dances, car show, chihuahua beauty pageant, carnival rides, pepper-eating contest, kids piñata night, community resource fair , etc.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and what united people can do! Cinco de Mayo teaches us that despite overwhelming odds, together we can overcome.

Cinco de Mayo is sponsored by UMOS, Supermercado El Rey, Caliente Radio 97.3 FM, Make A Wish Wisconsin, Total Request Entertainment, La Z Radio 93.7 FM and El Conquistador Latino Newspaper.

For more information about the Cinco de mayo festival, volunteer opportunities, or participation, call 414-383-1000.

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