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The Maricopa County Sheriff’s District 7 Office in Fountain Hills reported that deputies responded to the following calls during the week of Thursday, Jan. 27 through Wednesday, Feb. 2.

* On Thursday, January 27, a resident of the 13600 block of Hamilton Drive reported attempted fraud. The complainant alleged that she received a phone call from someone claiming to be with PayPal who told her she was receiving a refund and directed her to a website. The Complainant said that while she was on the computer, it looked like someone had phoned her computer and she saw her computer’s camera activate. The complainant quickly shut down her computer and suffered no financial loss.

* On Thursday January 27, a resident of the 14800 block of Greenhurst Drive reported criminal damage to a vacant home. An unknown suspect turned on the water taps inside the house and damaged the furniture in the house.

* On Thursday January 27, deputies responded to the Trevino Drive and Appian Way area for a criminal damage report. City staff reported that tires were punctured on a speed monitoring trailer while it was parked there.

* On Thursday, Jan. 27, deputies responded to Saguaro Boulevard and Colony Drive for a reported two-vehicle collision with no injuries. One vehicle rammed the other vehicle. A driver said the glare from the sun inhibited his vision and he did not see the other vehicle.

* On Thursday, January 27, Deputies made contact with a male subject near Saguaro Boulevard and Colony Drive and the subject was arrested on outstanding warrants while investigating a motor vehicle accident.

*On Friday, January 28, a resident of the 16400 block of Boulder Drive reported attempted fraud. The victim received an email from someone claiming to be a Paypal representative and asked him to call them. When he called them, they asked which institution he was dealing with and was then told that a large sum of money had been taken from his account. He then received instructions to withdraw a large sum of money from his bank account and buy gift cards to help him get his money back. The victim also mentioned that someone was able to access his computer remotely while he was on the phone, and he quickly shut down his computer and suffered no financial loss.

* On Friday January 28, deputies investigated the theft of a flatbed trailer that was stolen from a company parking lot in the 9600 block of Monterey Drive.

* On Saturday January 29, deputies arrested a male subject for aggravated assault of a peace officer after pushing a deputy in the 15000 block of Desert Willow Drive. The deputy was attempting to clear the scene so firefighters could provide medical aid to a subject.

* On Saturday January 29, deputies responded to Palisades Boulevard and Thistle Drive where there was an injury-free collision between two vehicles. One driver alleged that the other driver cut them off and began driving aggressively, causing the vehicle to hit the median.

* On Sunday, January 30, deputies responded to the 16800 block of Shea Blvd. for a reported burglary from a vehicle. A purse was stolen from a parked vehicle with the windows partially rolled down.

* On Sunday, January 30, deputies received a report from the 15900 block of Golden Eagle Blvd. Deputies investigated a report of criminal damage to the Golden Eagle Park men’s toilet in which mirrors and glass blocks were smashed.

* On Monday, January 31, deputies investigated a report of a dump trailer being stolen from the company’s commercial parking lot in the 9600 block of Monterey Drive.

* On Monday January 31, deputies responded to Powderhorn and Leo drives to a no-injury collision between two vehicles. A vehicle was changing lanes and collided with the vehicle already in the lane.

* On Wednesday, February 2, deputies responded to the 13700 block of Fountain Hills Blvd. for a reported impersonation incident. A bank contacted the MCSO to inform them that a person was trying to impersonate an account holder with a driver’s license and the victim’s bank card and was attempting to withdraw a large sum of money. The victim was contacted and learned that the suspect had already managed to withdraw large sums of money from his accounts at other branches in the valley.

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