Nepalese association celebrates cultural festivals of indigenous community

Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Nepal in Qatar Lakshuman Khanal and others celebrating cultural festivals.

Doha: Nepali Non-Resident Association (NRNA) Qatar celebrated national cultural festivals of the indigenous community of Nepal.

The Association has organized festivals including Maghe Sankranti (Minam Sar Lhes), Chasok Tangnam, Balihang Tangnam, Tamu Lhosar, Sakela Ubhauli, Manjushree Samvat 2858, Sonam Lhochhar, Maghi Jitia Parva, Rapava Shyadar Pidar, Yele Sambat 5082, Phugal Parimdi, Mha Puja, Pooja, Gallup Lhosar, Siruva Pavun and Naya Khuwa.

On the occasion of Lhosar, good wishes were exchanged and all national holidays of the indigenous community were celebrated at Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve in Al Sheehaniya.

Leaders and representatives of the Nepali community in Qatar participated in the program.

They also appreciated the community welfare activities carried out by NRNA Qatar over the years.

Community members perform and participate in festivals.

They spoke about the rescue and relief activities carried out by NRNA Qatar for the needy members of the Nepalese community after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While addressing the program, Chargé d’Affaires at Nepal’s Embassy in Qatar, Lakshuman Khanal conveyed his congratulations to all sections of the Nepali community on their holidays.

He said Nepal is a beautiful combination of various groups and ethnicities.

There are 125 ethnic groups and 129 languages ​​in the country, he shared, living in peace and harmony with each other.

He thanked NRNA Qatar for organizing the program and said such programs help to maintain the socio-cultural heritage of Nepal.

They also promote goodwill and understanding among themselves, which contributes to peace and harmony with each other.

However, community members must abide by the various rules, regulations and protocols of the host country while observing such occasions, he observed.

Referring to the 2022 FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar later this year, he encouraged members of the Nepali community to collaborate with NRNA Qatar to contribute to community-related engagements and exhibits during the event.

He also asked the community to follow the prevention and precautionary measures employed by the competent authorities in Qatar so that they can protect themselves and the society in which they live from the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NRNA Qatar President Mohammad Muktda Musalman thanked the sister organizations of the Janajati Federation for their cooperation and coordination and expressed his commitment to jointly celebrate various festivals in the coming years as well.

He expressed his commitment to move forward with activities and engagements to promote community welfare and outreach activities in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.

He said NRNA Qatar is a worker-oriented organization and would help workers by becoming a pillar in any issue.

He thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the program.

He also thanked everyone who participated in the program.

The event was graced by ICC Secretary RK Sharma, Honorary Board Members Bimal Subedi and Bill Gurung, ICC Members, NCC Advisors, all sister organizations of the Janajati Federation and Chief Nepalese associations based in Doha. The program was led by NCC Secretary General PadamGiri.

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