NIPR recommends enforcement of Anti-Corruption Act to reduce level of crime and youth unrest

It was recommended that the enforcement of anti-corruption laws along with adequate punishment for the culprits will undoubtedly reduce the level of crime and youth unrest in society.

Government at all levels should urgently resuscitate struggling industries to engage young people in useful ventures, while laws should be revised to reflect national integration and ensure equal justice for all.

These were in a statement released at the end of a one-day peace summit organized by NIPR, Bauchi State Chapter, held at M. L. Audu Auditorium, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, on March 3, 2022.

The summit also recommended that the recruitment of police and other security personnel should not be allowed to politicians, but rather be based on recommendations from communities.

According to the statement signed by Nazif Abba Pali, for peaceful co-existence to be actualized in the country, Nigerians must respect each other’s faith and tribe without slandering each other no matter the level of provocations.

Moreover, for peace to reign in Nigeria, the relevant authorities must take effective measures to punish anyone caught spreading false news or hate speech.

During the occasion, points were raised as the summit observed that it is time for Nigeria to witness a trial moment of banditry, kidnapping, insurgency, tribalism and unrest from various backgrounds, just as it was also agreed that peace and security are ingredients of national integration. as the summit was timely given that the 2023 general election is fast approaching.

The summit further watched with dismay at the manner in which fake news is spread by unpatriotic Nigerians, especially in social media, which has disrupted public peace and destroyed lives and property.

The summit however believed that religious and traditional leaders have a role to play in maintaining peace by preaching the gospel of truth, tolerance and unity to their followers.

The summit is of the view that there should be synergy between all security officers in sharing information and intelligence in order to reduce crime, just as it frowned upon the foul language used in social media, especially among young people, urging this urgent step should be taken to control the damage caused by this act.

The summit believed that giving women equal opportunities to participate in the order of things, especially politics, will give them a sense of belonging and end the problem of gender discrimination.

The summit regretted that hate speech is becoming the order of the day and tearing us apart, hence the need for the relevant authorities to do what is necessary to contain the situation.

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