A community of shared destiny with a changing world order

The idea of ​​a “community of destiny for humanity” is a concept that answers the questions of the time. It is based on the ancient Chinese civilization and the excellent performance of Chinese diplomacy. It vindicates the sincere hopes and high goals of all nations for peace, prosperity, cooperation and development. President Xi Jinping proposed the idea during his visit to the Moscow Institute of International Relations in 2013.

He told the audience that because all nations are intertwined and interdependent, the Earth is quickly becoming a community with a common destiny in which everyone is part of another. Therefore, this perspective has deep and complex theoretical implications. President Xi Jinping has refined this critical view of various international situations in recent years. This highlights China’s wisdom. Xi Jinping did not repeatedly mention his vision of a shared future on international forums, but also brought his wisdom and solutions regarding this concept to the world.

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Sustainable Development Agenda

Xi Jinping elaborated on the vision, emphasizing the will of nations to form partnerships in which they deal with each other as equals, interact in mutual sessions and demonstrate mutual understanding, build a security architecture based on equity, justice, joint contribution and sharing. benefits, promoting open, progressive and inclusive improvement that benefits everyone. Promote inter-civilization exchanges to strengthen harmony, inclusiveness and appreciation of differences.

These five components, taken collectively, represent the general method for establishing a network of shared destiny for humanity, portray a bright destiny for the advancement of global family members, and represent a great innovation in the principle of great diplomacy. country with the Chinese. features. Such as the development of CPEC and The Belt and Road (BRI) which brings together people from all countries along the roads in a common effort for common development and shared benefits through Win-Win Corporation, actively contributing to the global implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This is also the aim of the Chinese proposal to build a community with a shared future for humanity.

Global security management

Achieving the common security of all countries is the very essence of building a community with a shared future for mankind. Xi Jinping represents the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind. This vision promotes comprehensive international security for the whole holistic approach to national security, cooperation, innovation, rule of law and win-win cooperation. We must develop a global, global, cooperative and sustainable vision of security. How we work to cooperate to create a society that has a common destiny for mankind, expand all international cooperation and improve global security management systems.

A comprehensive view of security has become an important component of a comprehensive approach to national security. When international cooperation and security exchange are implemented, we ensure the protection of global peace and security as well as the fundamental guidelines. We have also provided huge stimuli for more effort to the community with common visual acuity. The world is in a phase of transformation or change.

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The challenges faced by the changing world order

The trend towards multipolarization and financial globalization is intensifying. The use of information technology in the service of social and cultural development is intensifying, preparing for a new scientific and industrial revolution. Peace, development, cooperation and mutual gain have become unstoppable unprecedented in history. However, in the times we live in, there are dangerous rapids, various dangers and challenges that constantly arise. Various risks and challenges constantly arise.

As the backlash against globalization intensifies, non-traditional threats to global protection consisting of a resurgence of the spirit of cold conflict, slowing global growth, public health crises, terrorism and new types of crime are becoming increasingly evident, with complexity and uncertainty being a new truth in international security. Faced with many common problems, humanity desires new wisdom to find new solutions. The idea of ​​global security calls for an equal interest in security and improvement with the aim of achieving lasting protection.

As President Xi said, the tree of peace no longer grows in a parched land, and the fruits of improvement no longer grow in the flames of war. He recalled that protection is a prerequisite for development and improvement is the guarantee of protection. In many countries, upgrading offers the best protection and is the key to resolving security issues. Without economic and social improvement, a peasant cannot enjoy lasting peace and security, society cannot maintain order, and people cannot lead a happy existence.

Sustainable security requires active efforts to achieve betterment consciousness, improve human well-being, bring rich and poor together, and strengthen the foundations of security. In recent years, some nations have been displaced by wars and conflicts, and their economies and societies have suffered severe setbacks. This in turn perpetuates a vicious cycle that fuels household instability and worsens security and development.

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Global public health

China sees it as its responsibility to ensure not only the life and health of its own citizens, but also global public health. As covid-19 swept the world, China also acted responsibly as a major country and actively participated in international cooperation in the prevention and control of covid-19, responded to the humanitarian response plan launched by the UN and sent a cash donation of US$50 billion to the World Health Organization. China is also striving to promote the construction of a common health community for mankind.

Today we face poverty, inflation, energy crisis, human crisis, etc. The only way to overcome these challenges is to work together. We must view planet Earth as “A Home for Humanity”, “A Sense of Mission for Humanity” and “Building a Community of Destiny”. These concepts are increasingly recognized around the world. Lighting the way forward as humans stand at the crossroads. Showing the light of thought as the world faces difficulties. He believes that every choice and every action we make today will shape the world of tomorrow. China’s call to build “a community with a shared future for mankind” transcends time.

A shared vision of the future transcends time

The wheel of history has entered the 21st century and human civilization has reached its highest level of development, so we can say that this is the best of times as well as the worst of times. Regional conflicts occur frequently and global challenges such as terrorism and the migrant crisis continue to emerge. The world faces increasing uncertainty, including poverty, unemployment and a growing income gap. At various international forums, Chinese President XI Jinping has delivered a speech strongly calling for globalization and community building. with the future of humanity.

He says that mankind has made progress by overcoming difficulties. No difficulty, however formidable, will prevent humanity from advancing. Xi’s call for shared responsibility and promoting global development demonstrated his deep thinking on human development as the leader of a major country. In 2020, as covid-19 raged around the world, humans experienced a series of crises the world had never seen before. The issues we face today are complex. The only way out is to defend materialism and build a common future for humanity.

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Now is the time for the international community to approach through consultation the future of the world decided by all working together. Time is the best tester, from 2017 to 2022 the Chinese plan demonstrates the level of power that transcends time and space. He answered the question of the times scientifically and stood on the right side of history.

The writer is currently working at the Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.

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