Adam Reiter begins work as Nanton’s new bylaw enforcement officer

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Nanton’s new by-law officer started work last week.

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Adam Reiter, a High River resident, worked as a Community Peace Officer (CPO) for Foothills County for two years and Grande Prairie County for two and a half years. He also worked as a transportation officer for 23 months with the Government of Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch.

Reiter was hired by the City of Nanton after Willow Municipal District Council elected last fall not to renew the CPO contract with Nanton which expired on December 31, prompting the city to launch its own program.

“So far it’s been amazing,” the 27-year-old said on Thursday, adding he foresees “a long future” at Nanton.

Reiter will become a community peace officer for the town of Nanton once the Alberta government approves the town’s request to employ a CPO again.

The City is currently in the process of getting Reiter a uniform, and he also needs a vehicle.

For now, he says his job is office-heavy. A few appeals for the settlement came in last week, but he was able to deal with them by phone or mail, he said Thursday.

Reiter said the program will be tailored to the needs and desires of the community.

Reiter, from the small town of Invermere in British Columbia, said small towns appeal to him.

The same goes for being a peace officer.

“You can be a positive influence in the community,” he said.

Reiter grew up around law enforcement, as his father was with the RCMP for 25 years.

“I’ve always had that kind of talent,” said Reiter, who completed Lethbridge College’s two-year criminal justice-policing program.

Reiter said he would like to work with local schools and start a positive ticketing program. A bike rodeo would be great fun, he added.

As the city sets up a new complaint line, the best number to call right now is 403-646-2084, Reiter said. For complaints that would require a response in a vehicle – such as loose dogs – the City asks residents to call the Nanton RCMP at 403-646-5722.

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