Akron FOP, State Law Enforcement Release Statement on Jayland Walker Shooting

AKRON, Ohio – Multiple organizations released statements after Akron police released body camera video of the shooting death of Jayland Walker.

Akron PFO

The Akron FOP said it appreciates the public’s concern for the events that unfolded on June 27. They released the following statement:

“This incident is a tragedy for our entire community, including the family of Jayland Walker, as well as all officers involved. Many officers work their entire careers without discharging their weapon. A split-second decision to use force murder is one that every policeman hopes he will never be forced to do.

Each officer involved is cooperating fully with an independent investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCD). The FOP wants to respond to the misinformation and share some of the material facts of this incident. Additional evidence and information will be provided as it becomes available. the investigation is continuing. On Monday morning, June 27, officers attempted to stop a motor vehicle driven by Jayland Walker. Mr. Walker did not obey a lawful order to stop and attempted to flee. Officers were aware that the same vehicle Mr. Walker was driving that morning was involved in a criminal chase fleeing police in Franklin Township the morning before. During Monday’s incident, ODOT traffic cameras captured a muzzle flash as Mr Walker discharged his gun as he fled from police. Investigators recovered a shell casing where traffic cameras captured the muzzle flash.

Mr Walker then led police from North Hill to Firestone Park on National Route 8 and through residential streets. Officers barricaded a street near the Bridgestone Americas campus. When Mr. Walker saw this barricade, he attempted to flee to the driver’s side of his vehicle. When a police car approached Mr Walker’s driver’s side door, he slid into the front seat and jumped out of the passenger’s side door as the car was still rolling. Jayland Walker was wearing a ski mask covering his head and face when he exited his vehicle.

Several officers ordered Mr. Walker to stop. Mr. Walker ignored lawful orders and ran to the Bridgestone Americas parking lot. Several attempts to arrest Mr. Walker with Tasers failed. Shortly after Mr. Walker pulled into the Bridgestone Americas parking lot, officers saw Mr. Walker reach to the waist of his hoodie and raise his arm while turning to face officers. At that time, the officers reasonably believed that Mr. Walker posed an immediate threat of serious physical injury or death and legally, based on their training as well as state and federal law, discharged their weapons.

A firearm was recovered from Mr. Walker’s vehicle.

We believe the independent investigation will substantiate the officers’ actions, including the number of shots fired. The decision to deploy lethal force as well as the number of shots fired are consistent with use of force protocols and officer training. The Akron FOP recognizes the pain and suffering of Mr. Walker’s family and joins them in calling for peace in our community. We are only in the early stages of this investigation and there is still a lot of work to do. The Akron FOP urges the public to withhold judgment until all evidence is gathered and the investigation is complete.”

David Yost
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is looking into the matter and the results will be made available to the public.

“People want and deserve answers, and they will get them. BCI will conduct a full, fair and expert investigation,” Yost said. “Images from a body-worn camera are only a view of the whole picture – before drawing any conclusions, the full examination must take place.”

“The goal is the truth, and we need to talk to anyone who knows something. Silence will never produce justice,” Yost said.

justice department
The Department of Justice released the following statement on the shooting:

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and the FBI Field Office in Akron are closely monitoring and investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Jayland Walker. The FBI continues to coordinate with state and local partners to provide specialized resources and expertise. If the evidence reveals potential violations of federal criminal laws, the Department of Justice will take appropriate action. »

What happened
Preliminary medical examiner records reveal disturbing footage from Jayland Walker’s autopsy, including more than 60 markers indicating ‘defects’ on Walker’s body that could be gunshot wounds from bullets fired by police officers. ‘Akron.

Documents showed there were multiple gunshot wounds to Walker’s face, abdomen and upper legs.

Closer examination of the thumbnail-sized photos appear to show Walker took a bullet under his left eye and under his chin.

News 5 also counted dozens of photos of bullet fragments.

Records revealed that Walker was found on his back on the sidewalk, handcuffed.

Police shot and killed Walker in a parking lot less than 100 feet from the road.

His car hit the church opposite.

Medical examiner records show a firearm was found inside the car.

“From the time they called him, about four and a half minutes,” said Capt. Dave Laughlin of the Akron Police Department.

Sunday press conferences

Akron police and city officials held a press conference Sunday where they released the body camera video.

WARNING: This video may include images and videos that viewers may find graphic and/or disturbing. Due to the nature of this incident, News 5 chooses to broadcast the protests without editing and in their entirety. Viewer discretion recommended.

Akron Police release footage of police shooting of Jayland Walker

Walker’s attorney held a press conference immediately after the body camera video was released.

WATCH: Jayland Walker family comments after Akron police press conference

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