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THE community of Bloody Ridge is a safe place to live and this is attributed to its establishment of a Community Safety Task Force.

The Bloody Ridge Community Safety Task Force operates 24 hours a day to provide community peace and order for residents and is registered with Company Haus.

Bloody Ridge Community Safety Task Force Officer Moses Maetabu told reporters last week that crime had been reduced to zero since the introduction of the Community Safety Task Force initiative.

Mr Maetabu said his task force had submitted its zero crime report to the police as evidence of its effectiveness in ensuring peace and order in Bloody Ridge.

He said he is currently training the second batch of young people from the community to work as community safety officers.

“This training covers areas such as safety protocol, fire hazards and safety precautions, first aid and physical fitness.

“The first group who went through the same training with him had received certificates upon completion of their training and the second group will also receive certificates upon completion of their training.”

Mr Maetabu said that anyone from the community wishing to join the community safety task force will have to undergo the same training as agreed by community members to ensure the safety task force’s ability to perform. perform the task entrusted to him.

He said it hasn’t been easy getting the community to understand the importance of creating a security task force, but he’s now glad that people’s mindset has changed when they see the positive results of this initiative.

“We have succeeded in reducing the crime rate in our community. So far we have arrested 25 people for disorderly behavior and handed them over to police who have locked them in blook cells at Honiara Central Police Station and Rove Police Headquarters.

“About 80% of our young men have joined the Community Safety Task Force, which has dramatically reduced the community crime rate.

“Our community is now very safe for our children, our students and our women. Our community leaders and church leaders are pleased with this positive development, as are we fathers and young men in the community.

Mr. Mastaba said the community of Bloody Ridge is eager to participate in any social activity, outreach program and workshops that the National Police and Crime Prevention Unit, the Department of Health and Medical Services or any non-governmental organization could organize in the future for local communities.

Bloody Ridge was the fiercest battleground during the Guadalcanal Campaign and this document understands that the government has allocated this site for the development of a National Beacon of Peace Park.

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