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A non-governmental organization, Global Peace Development, which implements a European Union-funded peacebuilding initiative in conjunction with the British Council Managing Conflict in Nigeria, said it aims to train 5,000 people to peace education in 10 violence-prone communities. Guyuk and Lamurde Local Government Areas in Adamawa State.

The main objective of the initiative is to promote peaceful coexistence in communities ravaged by conflict.

Guyuk and Lamurde, two townships selected for the pilot program in Adamawa State due to their history of violent conflict due to farmer-herder clashes, youth unrest and inter-community conflict, were responsible for the training more than 2,000 women and youth in peace education according to GPD Executive Director Ebruke Esike on Monday.

Esike, who also identified reconciliation, tolerance, forgiveness and honesty as important ingredients for peaceful coexistence, added that experts in peace and security studies from academia provide training for women and youth during community sensitization on inter-ethnic conflict mitigation and peace building.

He said: “This commitment is implemented by the GPD Foundation in collaboration with various women’s and youth groups, with the financial support of the European Union. This is a five-month activity aimed at fostering peaceful coexistence among communities fractured by conflict in the state.

“Through this intervention, we are targeting the training of 5,000 participants, mainly from vulnerable groups including women and youth. Violence is a business that has never benefited anyone because we are ultimately losers. It tears at our social fabric, in addition to lives being mutilated, society loses. People’s attention is turning to survival rather than development because all the effort and energy that should have been channeled into growth and development is being redirected to sustaining and sustaining peace in these communities.

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Peace education shortlisted for $25,000 grant Sat, 30 Apr 2022 13:45:00 +0000

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — peace educationa Louisville-based program at Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), aims to reduce violence through conflict resolution.

Organizers teach young men how to resolve disagreements without fists or weapons.

What do you want to know

  • Peace education aims to strengthen the community by reducing violence
  • The Navigators program teaches young men at JCPS how to resolve conflict peacefully
  • The organization is up for one of State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist $25,000 grants
  • Peace Ed must get enough votes to be among the first 100 to receive the grant

Peace Education’s Navigation program teaches Wheatley Elementary 5th grader Dione Bibb how to understand her feelings.

“When my emotions are strong, my thinking is weak,” Bibb said.

The program is led by retired JCPS Family Resources and Youth Services Coordinator Durk Davidson.

“My favorite part of the program is how he likes to teach us, he lets us have fun and lets us learn at the same time,” added Bibb.

Davidson uses cooperative games to teach young men how to solve problems peacefully.

“Some of them in their neighborhoods and surrounding areas, that’s all they see is conflict and negativity,” Davidson said.

It helps students navigate the difficult, even violent, situations they encounter during weekly sessions.

“We try to spread them by giving them strategies and techniques that when that happens they can rely on and make positive decisions,” Davidson said.

Peace Education is up for one of State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist $25,000 grants to support its efforts.

The organization is one of the top 200 finalists out of 4,000 applicants.

“I vote every day to the fullest,” said Peace Education acting executive director Rose Livingston.

Livingston came out of retirement to expand the reach of the program. Winning the grant would make that goal a reality.

“There are also other schools in the community and other groups that have requested the services, so this will help us expand our program to corners where we can take it,” Livingston said.

Peace education must receive enough votes to land a top 100 spot to win one of the grants.

“Especially now in a world where chaos reigns for everyone and especially for students, our future, our children must be empowered to be able to navigate life in the most positive way,” says Livingston.

You can vote up to ten times a day until May 6 to help Peace Ed continue to have a lifelong impact.

“It’s been a challenge, but it’s that kind of challenge that’s rewarding, not just for me, but just to see the kids grow up and, you know, achieve their dreams,” Davidson says.

The winners will be announced on June 7, 2022.

Uganda: Government to include peace education in school curriculum Thu, 28 Apr 2022 17:23:20 +0000

Schools in Uganda are about to start teaching peace education at all levels, from primary, secondary and university, either as a subject or as a detailed topic in one of the subjects currently taught.

Speaking at the Africana Hotel in Kampala on Thursday, Duncan Mugume, a national expert with the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) peace education project, said negotiations had started with the government. Ugandan to implement the idea.


“We have entered into discussions with the National Curriculum Development Center on how this can be done.”

During the reception in Kampala, a peace education manual was launched as part of the project funded by GIZ, the German Embassy and the European Union.


Mugume said negotiations with the NCDC will see how the material from the manual can be used in the curriculum and classrooms for peace education learners.

He explained that the project focuses on peace education in the Great Lakes region with four countries, including Uganda, to pilot it.

According to Mugume, while peace education is currently taught in schools in Uganda, it is not practiced extensively.

“Peace education is taught in schools, but in small thematic areas of Christian religious education and history, but has never been given a solid foundation on which a learner can be able to grasp and to implement peace related issues other than a few things it does in the subject This aims to bring peace education to the curriculum level of learners and especially in schools.

Peace education is crucial

According to Ambassador Julius Joshua Kivuna, the Head of Regional Peace and Security Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the idea which he said would ensure that the idea of ​​peace is instilled in Ugandans from the youngest age. age.