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MINSK, Nov. 24 (BelTA) — It is important for Belarus and Vietnam to develop ties in the field of education and exchange of experiences, said State Secretary of the Belarusian Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich to the media after a meeting with Vietnamese Public Security Minister To Lam in Minsk on November 24.

Aleksandr Volfovich noted that a memorandum on security cooperation was signed as a result of the talks between the State Secretariat of the Security Council of Belarus and the Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

“The document will contribute to improving the climate of mutual understanding, partnership relations and security between Belarus and Vietnam,” the secretary of state said.

“We provide training and development services for the Vietnamese military in Belarusian institutions, namely the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the University of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergencies, the Institute of National Security. Vietnam is interested in the issue,” said Aleksandr Volfovich.

The Secretary of State said he was convinced that the measures taken would contribute to strengthening peace and security not only in the two countries, but in the region in general.

Los Angeles County law enforcement rookie in serious condition after being hit by SUV Mon, 21 Nov 2022 01:52:24 +0000

LOS ANGELES (AP) — One of the Los Angeles County law enforcement recruits hit by an SUV during practice last week was in deteriorating condition on Sunday, authorities said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that Alejandro Martinez “has suffered setbacks that have left him in serious condition. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Three other members of the sheriff’s academy class remained in critical condition and all others who sustained non-life-threatening injuries were released, the department said.

Seventy-five members of the academy class, which includes recruits from the sheriff and other police departments, were running in formation down a street in suburban Whittier when an SUV veered into columns on November 16, injuring 25 of them.

The SUV driver was initially arrested to investigate an attempted murder of a peace officer, but authorities later released him on the grounds that further investigation was needed. His lawyer said he had no animosity towards law enforcement and it was a tragic accident.

Red Deer County Council briefs: off-road vehicles, law enforcement authority, potential aged care facility Fri, 18 Nov 2022 21:19:56 +0000

Current regulations prohibit the use of ORVs on county-controlled highways, known as county road rights-of-way, for the general public, with exemptions for county employees in the line of duty. and peace officers for enforcement purposes.

The proposed bylaw would permit the use of ORVs on county road rights-of-way, with restricted uses outlined in particular areas and guidelines for who can operate an ORV in those restricted areas.

County officials say that in the past two years the patrol has not dealt with any OHV by-law violations, as enforcement focuses primarily on Highway Safety Act violations.

“The administration recommends this proposed off-road vehicle by-law because it will allow county ratepayers to operate off-road vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner, while allowing law enforcement officers to enforce unsafe actions under of the Highway Safety Act,” the county said. on the board’s agenda.

The article will be brought back to council at its November 29 meeting for second and third readings.


The Council unanimously authorized the expansion of the existing powers of Community Peace Officers (CPOs) in Red Deer County to include enforcement of the Trespass to Premises Act (TPA).

The County Patrol Service said it periodically receives complaints about begging at private businesses, homeless people loitering in private parking lots, particularly Gasoline Alley, and people loitering on county-owned roads, like ditches.

CPOs currently have the power to enforce the Petty Trespass Act which applies to Public Lands Act “land” that does not include buildings, structures or parking lots.

The TPA applies to “premises” which includes buildings, structures and parking lots. The enforcement of both Acts is complaint-driven.

Within the framework of the application of the TPA, the patrol could only respond to complaints lodged by the private owners themselves. If other members of the public call, the county says the patrol will work with affected property owners to determine an appropriate response.

Although RCMP officers have the authority to enforce both laws, the county administration recommended expanding the authority of CPAs to “relieve some of the pressure on the RCMP’s workload and its ability to react.


Council unanimously granted first reading of an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw to redesignate two parcels of land located in Direct Control District No. 9A – Liberty Landing as single family dwelling with attached garage at medium density residence.

Additionally, in the mid-density residential area, council passed at first reading the addition of a social care facility as a discretionary use to facilitate the eventual development of an aged care facility.

The plots are located on the west side of Highway 2 in the hamlet of Gasoline Alley.

A public hearing is scheduled for January 10, 2023.

]]> Driver charged with oncoming crash, punching 3 law enforcement officers in the face Wed, 16 Nov 2022 19:52:29 +0000

A wrong-way driver who allegedly rammed an off-duty sheriff’s deputy’s car — then assaulted her and two other law enforcement officers who came to help her — has been arrested in downtown San Diego early Wednesday, police said.

The collision was reported around 5:25 a.m. on Fourth Avenue at the intersection with Ash Street.

Police said the man was driving north on Fourth Avenue – a one-way street – when he collided with a westbound car on Ash driven by a deputy on his way to work. The man’s car overturned and the deputy got out of her car to check on him as he crawled out of his vehicle.

When she approached, the man allegedly punched her in the face, police lieutenant Christian Sharp told OnScene TV.

Some uniformed deputies ran to the crash site, and one of them was also hit by the suspect, Sharp said.

When an off-duty San Diego police detective went to work, he was also punched in the face by the suspect, Sharp said.

The officers and driver became involved in a struggle, and the driver broke free and began running east on Ash. When he saw several uniformed officers and patrol cars approaching, he quickly lay down on the ground.

He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and assaulting three peace officers, and was taken to hospital for evaluation, Sharp said. .

None of the law enforcement officers were injured, he said.

“Obviously people are running up hoping maybe to provide someone with help or assistance. Most people, including the deputies and the officer, don’t expect to be assaulted by an accident victim,” Sharp said.

Wike Signs Executive Order 22…enables outdoor signage and advertising enforcement Wed, 16 Nov 2022 05:12:17 +0000

Rivers State Governor Chief Nyesom Wike said his administration had proven that through budget integrity, commitment and prudence, nothing was too difficult to achieve in governance for Nigerians.
Wike spoke at the inauguration of the 72-bed Dr. Peter Odili Cancer and Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Treatment Center in Port Harcourt, carried out by the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, last Monday.
The Governor noted that his administration transparently delivered the center within the agreed time frame of 14 months for the benefit of the people of Rivers and Nigerians in general.
He noted that one of the reasons why federal government projects take years to complete was that the National Assembly often allocated paltry funds to projects intended to be executed each fiscal year when it knew those funds were largely insufficient to reach a significant milestone.
Wike said such a practice has continued to encourage abandonment of projects and fostered inadequacy in terms of governance, project delivery and public service.
“For a project that will cost N26 billion; you put 500 million naira in the budget for one year. Then it will now take you more than 20 years to get there. By then, the cost will rise from 26 billion naira to a hundred and something billion naira.
“That’s why you see in this country abandonment of projects. If we are serious in this country to say that we will get the best, I can tell you that it is not impossible.
Wike emphasized that the people of Rivers deserved the best, which is why the best quality was provided at the center, similar to the best quality provided on all other projects.
He mocked those who said they had set out to build the Justice Adolphus Karibi-Whyte Specialty Hospital which never came to light despite the huge funds invested in this endeavor.
Wike explained that already there was a partnership agreement in place based on the strength of the agreement negotiated with the Consul General of the United States, Mr. Will Stevens.
The governor said Stevens has visited the hospital and is currently making contact with people who know how to best run the hospitals in a cost-effective manner, which would be seen as taking over center operations.
He also explained that the facility was named after Dr. Peter Odili because he was one of the Rivers executives who operated one of the best clinics in the state, served as governor with merit, and now contributed to medical education in the state.
The Governor expressed his joy at the completion of the center and said it is a report card and proof of the fulfillment of the promise made to the people of Rivers.
During the inauguration of the project, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, said that it was fitting to salute the sagacity and foresight of Wike for initiating and updating such an innovative project.
He noted that the centre, which was the first of its kind in the Niger Delta and in Nigeria as a whole, would surely benefit people beyond the borders of the South-South region.
“The dreaded disease of cancer and its devastating effects on its victim cannot be overstated. Not only does it emotionally destroy its victims and their families, it renders them financially incapacitated.
“Therefore, it can be said that cancer diagnosis and treatment are out of reach and affordable for the common man.
“So with the commissioning of this center, people with this disease and other oncological conditions can, at least, breathe a sigh of relief, here is help at their doorstep.”
He said that in the spirit of good neighborliness and as keepers of brothers, patients from neighboring states and even states as far away as Kano will not be turned away from the God-sent cancer relief center.
According to him, it was undeniable that infrastructures of this magnitude are very difficult to maintain, and called for a positive paradigm shift in the attitude towards the culture of maintenance.
“We are calling on the incoming administration and the people of Rivers State to take ownership of this improved infrastructure by ensuring that this very vital center is well equipped and maintained at all times.
“Facilities need to be regularly upgraded to meet global standards. Staff should be trained, retrained and updated on the latest medical technologies and innovations.
He also noted that it is a well-known fact that due to oil and gas exploration in the Niger Delta, some of the International Oil Companies (IOCs) may not have used the best global practices in their exploration in the Niger Delta.
Such neglect, he said, has thus exposed the people of this region to diseases caused by gas flaring and oil pollution of ecosystems and the environment.
“It is also not out of place to call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to borrow a leaf from the Governor of River State and establish similar centers in each of the geopolitical zones to alleviate the suffering of the people with cancer and cardiovascular problems.
“It’s a good step to stop our people from getting into medical tourism, which benefits other countries’ economies at the expense of ours, especially in these times of scarce and high exchange rates.”
In his goodwill message, former Governor of Rivers State, Dr. Peter Odili, said he and his family were overjoyed at the honor bestowed on them with such a center bearing his name from his living.
Odili said Wike should have been a doctor because of the medical infrastructure he provided in the state which was unparalleled in Nigerian history.
“Look at this building. The Honorable Commissioner for Health lectured us on the uniqueness of this centre. Everything he said about the center is true, I fully support and approve of him.
“The president of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) also spoke about it and I said there is no medical facility in this country, built by a state government that has everything you have here No one can see your break light in your health care program.
“The Cancer Center which you have also introduced here, has only three functions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is one of three. None other belongs to the state government; the other two belong to the federal government.
In his speech, NMA President Dr. Uche Ojinmah happily noted that Wike had timed the center’s inauguration to coincide with the ongoing cancer awareness campaign.
According to him, Wike’s administration has been bold in providing medical infrastructure that promotes public health and cares for patients.
Providing the description of the project, the Commissioner for Health, Professor PrincewillChike, said the centre, among other features, has three theatres, a catheterization laboratory, radiotherapy, brachytherapy and nuclear medicine.
According to him, there were doctors’ quarters, a helipad, modern incinerators, 1000, 1000 & 800 KVA in series to supply the center.
In his address, the Chairman of the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Attorney George Ariolu, described the Dr. Peter Odili Cancer and Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Treatment Center as a benevolent donation to the humanity.
Julius Berger’s chief executive, Lars Richter, said the center, with its state-of-the-art medical equipment, will boost medical tourism in Rivers State.

City and parish officials seek to crack down on ‘sumlords’ with new enforcement mechanism in BR Fri, 11 Nov 2022 04:36:00 +0000

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) — Members of the Metro Council are seeking to crack down on the “sumlords” of Baton Rouge.

Over the past 20+ years, municipal and parish authorities have repeatedly attempted to empower residents who live in rental homes or apartments that are not in great condition.

“We’re finally giving tenants the ability to hold landlords accountable, and that’s how it all started, but it’s so much more,” said District 5 Councilman Darryl Hurst.

Metro Council members passed a ‘quality of life’ ordinance on Wednesday evening November 9.

It will implement the International Property Maintenance Code, which establishes minimum requirements for the maintenance of existing buildings.

“And so our goal is to make sure you have the security you need, the security you need, but also peace of mind when you go to bed at night or when your kids come home from school” , Hurst said. .

Things like overgrown brush, hoarding tendencies, scorching, windows and doors not locking properly, and more on rental properties, are examples of issues you could possibly report.

“We now have the teeth to hold these people accountable, to keep their properties up to this standard of maintenance,” Hurst said.

The parish-town development department will enforce this, and fines could be up to $500 once an appraisal of the property is completed.

“So the question now is, do you want to pay a fine, or do you just want to do the repair, those are the two options. But when you call the Ministry of Development, we send someone within 24 to 48 hours. to review it, to assess it. And at that point we engage the owner if we feel it’s definitely a code violation that needs to be brought up to standard,” Hurst said.

Councilor Hurst says the goal is to take the emotions out of this whole process, which can sometimes be messy and complicated between a landlord and a tenant. While trying to make the neighborhoods more pleasant for everyone, by cleaning up the existing horrors.

“But you see when you are a slum landlord and you have a tenant who is in a bad situation, you also become a bad neighbor. So the quality of life goes beyond the tenant, it goes to how this home affects its surroundings,” Hurst said.

It’s still unclear if there will be a number you can call or if you can fill out an online form, this is all still in the works.

The leaders plan to launch this program within the next six months.

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Police Issue 48 Tickets During Delta’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Blitz Thu, 10 Nov 2022 22:38:00 +0000

Police handed out dozens of tickets and pulled several trucks off the road during a one-day commercial vehicle blitz in Delta earlier this week.

Officers from the Delta Police Service Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Team and representatives from Canadian Pacific Railway, Surrey Bylaws, Burnaby RCMP Traffic Unit and of the New Westminster Police Department conducted 50 inspections as part of a joint law enforcement effort on Deltaport Way on Monday, November 7. .

According to a post on the DPD’s Facebook page, inspectors issued a total of 48 tickets and 34 vehicles received notices and orders or were immediately taken out of service.

“Delta has one of the largest ports on the west coast of North America and welcomes a large number of commercial and heavy vehicles on its route. Ensuring these vehicles comply with the Motor Vehicle Act, Commercial Transport Act and other regulations helps keep our roads and other infrastructure safe,” the department said in its message. .
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Police from across the Lower Mainland conducted 50 inspections as part of a joint law enforcement effort on Deltaport Way on Monday, November 7, 2022, handing out a total of 48 tickets. (Delta Police Department/Facebook photo)

Top 5 Law Enforcement Jobs For Veterans Thu, 10 Nov 2022 19:30:36 +0000

Separating from the army takes time. There are many steps in the process, followed by determining your next career move. For many veterans, a career in law enforcement is a natural and rewarding next step, especially if you enjoy working as a team to protect and serve your community.

Top 5 Law Enforcement Jobs For Veterans

But even though military and law enforcement careers have parallels, it can be difficult to translate your active duty experience into the civilian world. Here is a list of the top five law enforcement jobs to get you started.


This career path focused on discipline and leadership will incorporate your ability to make decisions under pressure and use your strong communication skills. Additionally, you will work as a cohesive unit with your fellow officers to maintain peace, order and protection at our borders.


More than 20% of Secret Service employees are veterans. As those responsible for the safety and well-being of our government’s most important members and their families, the agency constantly seeks veterans for their dedicated experience serving in the armed forces. Your training in handling high-risk and demanding situations will translate seamlessly.


Like uniformed police officers, the driving force of a detective and criminal investigator is to protect and serve their community. These undercover officers need strong analytical, leadership and communication skills to effectively resolve their cases.


The FBI is actively recruiting veterans. Your familiarity with sensitive information and your strategic work toward a common goal are skills the agency needs its agents to possess.


Like the military, law enforcement has its own vernacular that ordinary citizens don’t understand. The role of a PIO is to bridge this gap, effectively communicating critical news and updates to the community they serve.

Start your search now

Law enforcement jobs can add meaning and value to your post-military life. It’s a relatively safe market with an expected growth of 5%, according to the Bureau of Statistics. If you don’t have a graduate degree, the GI Bill allows you to train in your chosen field with little or no cost. Some agencies may have a longer process, so it’s never too early to start checking out the lines you like.

Phoebe Wells is a writer, marketer, and podcast host living in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She works full-time in marketing but operates a content marketing and copywriting business. Phoebe previously worked as a news anchor for iHeartRadio, writing, hosting and producing the award-winning true crime podcast Upstate Unsolved. When she’s not writing, Phoebe can be found on her yoga mat, connecting with nature or watching hockey with her partner and two huskies.


The Missouri Department of Public Safety has announced the availability of up to $20,000 in grant funding opportunities for local law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS agencies. The department encouraged interested agencies to act quickly as the deadline to apply for the grants is December 5, 2022. A total of $30 million in grants is available, $10 million for each public safety discipline.

The three scholarships are:
– Peace Officer Grant (POG), $10 million in total funding.
-Fire Protection Grant (FPG), $10 million in total funding.
– Emergency Medical Service Provider Grant (EMSPG), $10 million in total funding.

Eligible grant expenses include equipment, supplies, training/travel, staff, and benefits. Some equipment may have specific requirements to be eligible for funding. Grants require 50% local matching (for example, if the total cost of a project was $40,000, the local grantee would be responsible for $20,000 and ARPA’s share of the grant would be $20,000). Local ARPA grant funds may be used for the local game. In-kind matches (soft match) must be directly related to the project and can be retroactive to March 2020. No substitutions are allowed.

Applications will only be accepted through the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s online WebGrants system:

Grant recipients will be notified of their awards in December 2022. Grant funds will be expended by April 30, 2023. Funding for these public safety grants is made available through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and was made possible through Missouri House Bill 3020. The Department of Public Safety is the grant administrator.

Federal Judge Again Blocks Enforcement of NYC Gun Ban on Houses of Worship | Local News Sat, 05 Nov 2022 07:00:00 +0000

BUFFALO — In a ruling and order that largely mirrors a ruling two weeks ago, a U.S. District Court judge in Buffalo issued a preliminary injunction, requested by a Niagara Falls pastor and others, that blocks the application of a provision in New York. new Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA) that prohibits individuals from bringing firearms into places of worship.

Just as he did with his decision on a temporary restraining order (TRO) application on October 21, District Court Judge John L. Sinatra Jr. issued the preliminary injunction less than 24 hours after hearing oral argument on Thursday afternoon from attorneys representing the state and attorneys for the pastors, Reverend Jimmie Hardaway Jr. of Trinity Baptist Church, 1366 South Ave., and Reverend Larry Boyd, of Open Baptist Church Praise Full Gospel on Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo.

Hardaway and Boyd were joined in their efforts to block the CCIA provisions by two pro-gun groups, Firearms Policy Coalition, of La Vegas, Nevada and Second Amendment Foundation, of Bellevue, Washington. Sinatra had previously ruled that the two groups lacked the legal standing to challenge New York’s gun law.

Sinatra’s temporary restraining order had already blocked enforcement of the places of worship restriction in the CCIA, while the court weighed the overall constitutionality of the restrictions on places of worship and the entire CCIA . The preliminary injunction extends the ban instituted by the TRO pending a decision by Sinatra on the merits of the pastor’s lawsuit.

The 44-page decision and order on the preliminary injunction follows almost word for word and page for page Sinatra’s decision in its 40-page decision and order on the temporary restraining order. In that order, Sinatra wrote that New York State had responded to a decision by the United States Supreme Court, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. against Bruen, by enacting “even more restrictive legislation.” than what the High Court had declared unconstitutional. .

“The court reiterates that numerous Supreme Court precedents regarding the individual’s right to own and bear arms – from Heller and McDonald to its June 2022 decision in Bruen – dictate that the new restriction on places of worship at New York is equally unconstitutional,” Sinatra wrote in her new decision.

Nothing in Sinatra’s decision suggests the judge will come to a different conclusion as the case progresses with additional documents and argument. The Preliminary Injunction Decision and Order telegraphs that Sinatra will ultimately find the CCIA unconstitutional in its entirety.

During previous hearings in the case, Sinatra has appeared dismissive and openly hostile to arguments advanced by state attorneys.

“In Bruen, the (Supreme Court) made the Second Amendment test very clear: Regulation in this area is only permitted if the government demonstrates that the regulation is consistent with the historical tradition of the nation,” Sinatra repeated. for his earlier decision. “New York fails this test. The exclusion of the State is, on the contrary, incompatible with the historical traditions of the Nation.

New York Attorney General Letitia James had sought to remove Sinatra from the case. She filed a motion asking that the judge, who is also overseeing two other constitutional challenges against the CCIA, be reassigned

In that court filing, James accused Hardaway and the other plaintiffs in the case of seeking tactical advantage, sometimes called “judge buying,” by having the case taken by Sinatra, an appointee of former President Donald Trump. .

Sinatra declined the request to reassign the case, calling the other CCIA prosecutions “related” and saying keeping all cases before him would “avoid unnecessary duplication of judicial effort.”

Hardaway, Boyd and the pro-gun groups filed a civil lawsuit against Acting New York State Police Superintendent Steven Nigrelli, Niagara County District Attorney Brian Seaman, and Erie County District Attorney , John Flynn.

After the preliminary injunction was issued by Sinatra, Flynn released a statement that read, “Effective immediately, our office is prohibited from enforcing any (CCIA restrictions on firearms in worship) and the regulations, policies and practices that implement them. ”

There was no immediate comment from Seaman or James.

Hardaway and Boyd, who are both licensed to carry guns in New York City and who said they regularly carried guns in their places of worship before the CCIA passed, argued that They would suffer ‘irreparable harm’ if the places worship restriction remains in place.

The Falls pastor argues that his church has an ‘open door policy’ which carries risks on ‘who will come through the door for services’. Hardaway also says the “horrible killings” in 2015 of nine parishioners at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, “strengthened his resolve to defend himself and keep the peace at Trinity Baptist stronger.” .

Sinatra argued in his rulings that the granting of the TRO and, now, the preliminary injunction, restores the status quo of “the Constitution and the Bill of Rights” and that if the CCIA is found to be constitutional, after a trial before him, “the Court could cancel any injunction” and allow the application of the ban on places of worship.

Such an outcome seems unlikely given Sinatra’s initial determination that the CCIA is unconstitutional and its assertion that “the plaintiffs are likely to prevail on the merits of their Second and Fourteenth Amendment claim.”

Sinatra declined to limit his decision, at the request of the attorney general’s office, to just Hardaway and Boyd churches. He also declined a request from the state on Friday to stay his decision, pending an appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

The State had requested a three-day reprieve to file its appeal.

Sinatra bitterly wrote that “the plaintiff’s constitutional rights are violated” and that “legislation cannot eviscerate the Bill of Rights.” Every day they do is one too many.