CBSA Southern Ontario Region: Operational and Enforcement Highlights from 2021

The Southern Ontario Region (SOR) covers the southern part of Ontario, including the cities of Windsor, Sarnia, London, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls, and their surrounding communities. The region currently employs 1,400 people and has seven land borders, two medium-sized airports, three ferry crossings and serves 10 small airports and over 150 maritime sites. ORS handles high volumes of travelers and ground transportation and is home to four of the six busiest land border operations by travelers and the four busiest commercial land border operations in Canada.

Ensuring the safety of our communities

Overall, the CBSA in southern Ontario seized approximately 674.29 kg of narcotics. Here are some examples of enforcement actions this year:

On June 15, a commercial truck driven by a resident of Quebec crossed the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ontario, and underwent a secondary examination. The CBSA discovered and seized approximately 112.5 kg of suspected cocaine inside five sports bags. The value of this seizure was estimated at $ 14 million. The driver was arrested and turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

On the same day, officers at the Windsor-Detroit tunnel seized 488 ecstasy pills. A fine of $ 10,000 was imposed for the offense. The suspect has been returned to the United States.

On two separate days, August 9 and 31, commercial trucks driven by residents of Ontario entered Canada through the Blue Water Bridge in Point Edward, Ontario. Each time, the trucks were referred and during the examination, border services officers discovered and seized a total of approximately 145 kg of suspected cocaine. Both subjects were arrested and turned over to the RCMP.

On August 29, 2021, the CBSA arrested a US traveler at the Ambassador Bridge port of entry in Windsor, Ontario, after officers found 18 bricks of suspected cocaine weighing approximately 18 kg. The suspect and the drugs were transferred to RCMP custody.

The CBSA’s Southern Ontario Region (SOR) seized 166 firearms between January 1 and October 31, 2021. Here are some examples:

Two people were arrested for failing to report four firearms and a suspicion of cannabis (marijuana) on April 20 at the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge. The goods were seized and a fine of $ 6,040 was paid. The individuals were returned to the United States.

Although just outside the reporting period, on November 1, in addition to the total number of firearms listed above, an examination at the Blue Water Bridge in Point Edward, Ont., Revealed 56 firearms at unreported prohibited fire, 13 overcapacity magazines, 43 pistols with ten magazine cartridges and 100 cartridges. The subject was arrested and charged by the CBSA.

Facilitate a strong economy

The CBSA in the Southern Ontario region processed 2,620,820 trucks (commercial conveyances / vehicles) which accounted for 58% of commercial transport volumes at national land borders.

The Ambassador Bridge alone handled 1,161,645 commercial vehicles, representing 26% of commercial transport volumes at national land borders.

In reality. the CBSA in the southern Ontario region processed 4,843,325 people, or 52% of domestic travelers who crossed land borders.

CBSA Southern Ontario Region (SOR) seized $ 765,334.17 in undeclared currency and monetary instruments (eg stocks, bonds, bank drafts, checks and money orders). An 80% increase over the same period in 2020. For example, on April 9, Queenston-Lewiston Bridge officers discovered approximately CA $ 211,496 in undeclared currency, resulting in a fine of $ 2,500 and a loss of NEXUS privileges.

The CBSA’s Southern Ontario Region (SOR) seized 244,348.54 kg in large tobacco seizures equivalent to a total value of $ 44,328,239.70. The revenues evaded for these enforcement actions amounted to $ 65,494,974.16. In addition, 45 percent of the total weight of tobacco seized in the region occurred at the Ambassador Bridge.

On April 10, Rainbow Bridge officers intercepted four Canadian citizens involved in an organized auto theft ring and in possession of break and enter devices. The objects were seized and the subjects were arrested for breach of commitment before their transfer to the regional police.

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The CBSA’s Southern Ontario Region (SOR) processed 2,062 refugee claims. The Peace Bridge Refugee Processing Center alone handled 918 (44.5%) of total ORS asylum claims in the first 10 months of 202 and the Rainbow Bridge received 708 claims (34, 3%).

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