Communities in Schools ® (CIS ™) releases a statement in support of peace, justice and democracy

ARLINGTON, Va., January 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Communities in schools® (CIS™), the national organization that ensures that every student, regardless of race, zip code or history of marginalization, has what they need to succeed in school and beyond , today issued the following statement:

“Yesterday morning our nation woke up to watch democracy in action. At the end of the day, we saw our democracy threatened.

Our country’s most sacred institutions have been attacked by people carrying guns, white supremacist words and symbols in the halls of the US Capitol in an effort to undermine the foundations of our democracy. These people claimed to have a legitimate grievance, but their actions were not related to the change. Instead, they aimed to cripple our government and silence the will of the people.

Their violence and intimidation have been, in large part, fueled by inflammatory rhetoric from the White House. Now, more than ever, it is important for all of our elected officials to moderate their language. But it is equally important for them and for all of us not to keep silent about what is happening right now. The whole world is watching and listening. The same goes for our children.

We owe our children something better than what they witnessed and something more than what they heard yesterday.

Last November, Communities In Schools® (CIS™) told our youth that in America, every voice matters. And we reminded them that in an election, every vote counts. They saw the correctly counted ballots and understood that the majority had spoken. Joe Biden is the elected president.

Now we adults need to reassure our young people that we are still a nation of laws and that our democracy is still working. As an example, we can cite our members of Congress who, despite what happened yesterday, returned to the work of the people and to the house of the people to certify the election. Like them, we should not all be paralyzed or frightened by inaction.

We often teach our children the importance of resilience. We have to make them understand that this is what we will need to build and maintain a healthy democracy. It is also what we need as a country to break down systemic barriers in our institutions that stand in the way of equitable outcomes for all.

But we also need to tell our young people an uncomfortable truth. Calls for progress in this country will sometimes be met with reactionary behavior. It’s our job, as caring adults in their lives, to prepare them. Our young people need to understand what a peaceful and productive expression of opinion looks like in a democracy and be able to distinguish it from the voices of intimidation.

We also need to have courageous conversations with our young people, especially those who are black, brown and indigenous, who saw something yesterday that reminded them that people of color can live in the same country as white people but with a whole different rules. They know this to be true because they experience hate speech, unfair treatment and supremacist behavior in their own communities. We must empower them to speak out against racial and social injustice, equip them to stand up for their rights and ensure their voices are heard.

This is the job of Communities In Schools, and we cannot do it alone. We seek to bring about change in our schools, community and society, so that all young people can reach their potential in school and beyond, regardless of race, zip code or socio-economic background.

We call on all of our supporters, partners, elected leaders, business leaders and faith leaders to recommit to this work and join us in speaking out loudly for peace, justice and democracy.

Now is the time for all of us to come together and unite to support a bright future for our country and our children.”

About Communities in Schools

Communities In Schools® (CIS™) is a national organization working to ensure that every student, regardless of race, zip code or socioeconomic background, has what they need to reach their potential at school. school and beyond. Working directly in more than 2,500 schools across the country, we connect students with caring adults and community resources that help them see, face, and overcome the barriers that stand between them and a brighter future. Together, we are building a powerful movement for change made up of peers, students and alumni committed to building an equitable path to education for future generations.

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