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Following the dust raised by a civil society organization, Advocacy for Advancement of Peace & Harmony (ADAPHAI), on the selection by the kingmakers of Olupo-Elect, Oba AbdulRauf Oyekanmi Mosobolaje for Oluponna, the seat of the zone Local Council Development Office in Ayedire South, Osun State, youths in the community described the body’s tantrums as a covert attempt to undermine the efforts of kingmakers.

They claimed that the process that led to the choice of Prince AbdulRauf Oyekanmi Mosobolaje as the newly elected Olupo after the death of Oba Emmanuel Oyeleso Oyebamiji on January 3, 2022 was done on merit without any inducement in any form.

In a reply, signed by the coordinator of the Oluponna Youth Development Forum, Oyebisi Yusuf, the forum said that ADAPHAI’s article in some national dailies did a disservice to the excellent efforts made by the noble and respectful kingmakers of Oluponna.

In said ADAPHAI piece, the group, which called for restraint in the process of enthroning a new king in Oluponna, warned that the clandestine and unbalanced path followed by some of the city’s kingmakers, in the process of selecting a new king by the back door, would backfire and disrupt the peace of the sleepy town and Osun State as a whole.

ADAPHAI claimed that there is a palpable tension in the city due to the resentment of certain royal bloodlines who have felt wronged by the activities of kingmakers and other axis actors.

The group felt that due to the current reality of the need for a rotational arrangement between the various royal families in the city, the recent endorsement by some kingmakers of a purported candidate from the same lineage of the monarch immediate death will plunge the city into prolonged anarchy.

ADAPHAI therefore called on the Governor of the State, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola and other traditional actors in the region to quickly convince these kingmakers to follow the path of honor and dignity and refrain from any activity that could jeopardize the peace of the city and end up heating up the political regime of the state.

“We are also aware that while certain royal lines entitled to the throne had presented competent candidates from whom to choose as the next king of the city, the kingmakers unilaterally decided to approve a candidate from the line of the immediate deceased king.

“Meanwhile, the aberration committed by the ruling house of the late king, parading a supposed candidate as the elected Oba, is being done with a high degree of impunity, despite several petitions from concerned royal families in the city and an action pending in court against this offence. …”

In the reply, the forum described the group’s stance as a clandestine attempt by the group’s leader, Sulaimon Suberu and his sponsor(s) to paint the effort to make a round peg in a round hole under a bad day.

“In his unwarranted vituperations against the work of yeoman by the kingmakers, Suberu attempted to insult their sensibilities by accusing them of an unbalanced selection process without recourse to fairness, justice and fairness for pecuniary reasons. We wonder what he means.

“He also tried to plunge his readers into the wilderness of understanding by taking a trip into the current court case – a pointless excursion. I have to say that Suberu missed the point and failed miserably to justify his opprobrium.

Yusuf asks Governor Oyetola to disregard the allegations, noting that they lack merit. He postulated, “The process that led to the selection of Prince AbdulRauf Oyekanmi Mosobolaje as the newly elected Olupo following the death of Oba Emmanuel Oyeleso Oyebamiji on January 3, 2022 was done on merit without any inducement in any form whatsoever. There are two ruling houses in Oluponna as per the declaration made under section 2 of the principal laws caps 25 of the customary law governing the chiefdom of Oluponna, namely; Momiloye/Ayelabowo and Aregbesola and with the death of Oba Oyeleso Oyebamiji who came from Aregbesola, it was the turn of Momiloye/Ayelabowo who produced the newly elected Olupo.

“Prince AbdulRafiu Oyekanmi Mosobolaje, the new Olupo-elect was voted unanimously by the 13 kingmakers without anyone rejecting him.”
He revealed that there has never been any tension, trouble, rejection, protest or outcry since the kingmakers announced it. “On the contrary, everyone is happy with its emergence because it heralds prosperity and development. ADAPHAI and its national coordinator, Sulaimon Suberu are not well informed about the events in Oluponna. A simple check and thorough investigation would have provided insight rather than public ridicule.

“The young people of Oluponna, artisans and those in the diaspora are satisfied with the choice of Prince AbdulRafiu Oyekanmi Mosobolaje as the new elected official of Olupo.”

In another submission, a city native and legal practitioner, Chief Bola Abimbola Ige, described ADAPHAI’s position as false, unwarranted, unsolicited and should receive no sense of credibility from the general public. .

“For any discerning reader, the press release contains much more than meets the ordinary eye, as the positions it takes are rambling and absurd. Lone expects it to be clear who takes what for jeopardize the rotation system, as well as on those affected whose rights to the saddles have been trampled upon by the powerful kingmakers.

“Perhaps the ADAPHAI does not realize that Oluponna is populated by reasonable and cultured people who cannot allow an illegal act such as that attributed to the kingmakers to go unchallenged.”

He said that contrary to the assertion of tension in the city after the election of Prince Mosobalaje, the whole city, including those in the diaspora, went into a frenzy of jubilation, expressing joy, enthusiasm and friendliness over his choice. “Even those who challenged him for the stool congratulated him, making him everyone’s choice.

Ige pointed out that the appeal to Governor Oyetola to deny the approval of the new monarch is illegal, illegal, unjustified, malicious, vexatious, gold digger, selfish and contrary to peace, tranquility and development of Oluponna .

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