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Children reading at the Enhulumi Community Library

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Kigwama | May 8

A sort of ripple effect of community libraries is currently underway in Nagaland. One such example is the Enhulumi Community Library which was launched in February this year on the initiative and in collaboration with the Kigwema Community Library which was launched last year.

“For Enhulumi village with a population of 1014 in Phek district, this will be the first library in the village. “This is the first library in our village. We don’t have indoor or outdoor library,” informed Eyiekhroli Lohe, who along with Welhitshe Lohe worked with Kigwema Community Library to set up the community library in Enhulumi.

Most young people are spending more time on their cellphones and on the internet, leading to the death of the art of reading, Eyiekhroli noted. In order to revive the culture of reading, the need to establish the Enhulumi community library has arisen, Eyiekhroli added.

The library is modest: the shelves were built by a group of friends from Enhulumi village while a supporter’s contribution of Rs 3000 was used during the process of setting up the library as well as the launch.

At the launch event on February 19, seniors shared their appreciation for the community development initiative.

Former Enhulumi community leaders also recalled how the program to establish a library in the village was planned, but the vision never materialized. Therefore, they recognized the effort of the Kigwema Community Library to achieve their aspiration.

Eyiekhroli shared that the response to the community library has been very positive with various bodies like the village council, VDBs, women’s society, youth society, student union and individuals expressing their appreciation and giving their input. initiative support.

The goal of the Enhulumi Community Library remains the same: to revive the dying art of reading, to make books easily accessible and available, to drive positive action and change, and community development, explained Akho Phira, founder of the Kigwema Community Library.

At present, the book collection of Enhulumi Community Library has been contributed by a few supporters, and mainly by Kigwema Community Library, which has been received largely from individual contributors and the Goonj office in Kolkata.

As with new initiatives, Eyiekhroli noted that people tend to be reluctant to easily access books and are a little reserved about the idea of ​​reading outside. While the village has yet to catch up with the culture of reading, she expressed her optimism saying that “day by day and week by week” there is an increase in confidence and interest in reading. .

“We hope this initiative will open the eyes of villagers to explore the world through reading, and develop each mind to live in peace and serenity,” added the collaborator.

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