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The definition of insanity that makes sense to me is when you repeat the same thing and expect a different result. (Albert Einstein)

History records many failures in attempts to make a country and its citizens clones of ourselves. This bankrupt policy that I call the “snake solution” suggests that if you cut off the snake’s head, it will die. Unfortunately, many snakes are ready to take the place of ruler. The short-term non-solution fails to achieve its true goal of a self-sufficient society that provides education, security, opportunity and peace to its people.

It must first be recognized that it takes an authoritarian regime and a “powerless” population to succeed. We recognize that physical impotence prevents the birth of life. I am referring to the “powerlessness” that prevents achieving the quality of life that has been created.

There is a resource today that is ready, willing and able to meet this challenge without bloodshed. I am referring to ex-patriots who fled their country and experienced the benefits of democratic politics that is accountable to its people.

Countries that have succeeded in integrating democratic principles and institutions into their self-governments should establish and support a democracy incubator. We have successful entrepreneurship incubators for business development; why not an incubator to encourage peace and prosperity in countries around the world that want it?

The incubator I have in mind would be designed to include a framework including, but not limited to, the following:

1. An application from a country wishing to participate;

2. Financial support from democratic nations of the world;

3. A legal system, free from corruption, which recognizes the cultural traditions of the people;

4. An education system that offers both professional and academic content;

5. An economic trading bloc among democratic nations that will support the development of all developing and developed democratic nations;

6. Recognize forced and necessary emigration which will be exacerbated by political and climatic disruptions;

7. Consider making it an organization of democratic nations that can subsist under the existing UN charter;

8. A platform that will include a unified commitment to the sustainability of our planet and its people;

9. Include partnership opportunities for individuals and non-governmental organizations to work towards a common goal;

10. Incorporate the participation of expatriates to take up positions of responsibility to ensure a successful transformation towards an accountable democratic society as the country progresses towards government, of, by and for the people.

I have offered some suggestions and encourage each of you to think about the issues we all face and offer your contribution to improving our imperfect world.

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