Education for peace and harmony – the forgotten solution

The newly created Giving Hope Foundation will launch a campaign to encourage peacebuilding and social cohesion in schools and workplaces.

The move comes as the country commemorates one year since the July unrest, which left horrific memories in the minds of thousands of people in South Africa.

Roy Sukdhev, co-founder and PRO of the foundation, said: “South Africa belongs to all of us. We as citizens have the choice to save our country from total collapse through peace education. Last year’s incident is an extremely difficult memory to erase due to the violence, death, destruction, looting and racial slurs.

Peace education, according to Sukdev, helps people to acquire knowledge, to improve their skills in the field of peace and to adopt an attitude regarding the meaning of peace in democracy.

Sukdev explained: “Peace education prevents the emergence of conflicts and creates the conditions for peace in the world. This is why peace education is very important in South Africa to prevent unrest, strikes and protests, destruction of infrastructure and gender-based violence (GBV).

The foundation believes that the more peace we bring into our lives, the more peace we bring to South Africa and live in racial harmony. To ensure our safety and survival in this beautiful country, greater participation is essential. Where there is peace, miracles bloom.

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The Giving Hope Foundation will present its first peace award this year during Mandela Week to Gift of the Givers founder Imtiaz Sooliman.

“To encourage peace in communities, the first Giving Hope Foundation Peace Prize will take place at a prestigious VIP breakfast, sponsored by the Riverside Hotel in Durban,” Sukdhev said.

The special Peace Prize Trophy was specially handcrafted from Tambuti wood by Rajiv Singh, son of Kuber Eadhev Singh, affectionately known as the “King of Tambuti”, for hand carving royal gifts from Tambuti wood. Tambouti.

Father of four, Kuber Singh, is famous for making items for former presidents, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, as well as US presidents, Ronald Reagan and George W Bush.

“The Peace Prize is significant of the very first function organized by the foundation, however, in the future, many other categories are being considered such as schools, businesses and the media. The success of our peace education depends on the involvement of schools, businesses and the wider community,” Singh said.

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