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Last month, the Center for Health Insurance and Medical help Services shipped a letterr for Montana State Hospital in Heat springs announcing the Termination of their vendor deal due for the failure of the hospital for to meet health and security standards, a fter madr the patients is dead in what investigators mentioned orand prevtabledeath. This means that the State Hospital will be lose $7 million annually in critical funding.

In a lot Washingtontheres, this is staff. My mother work in the laboratory as a medical technologist at the State Hospital. She been proud of the work she did, to take care of some of our States more vulnerable people. She been a Single mom, and been able for Support my brothers on the union salary and advantages. Thirty years later, portion as the Director of the department of Audience Health and Human Services, I directed the department and the State Hospital by the first year of a global pandemic that pushed our public health care system for his boundaries. I to know, better that almost nobody, How? ‘Or’ What difficult a work this is.

But this is precisely for this reason that I a m so bitterly angry that the fluent administration and the current ddirector of DPHHS to have lack we. I to know, better that almost anyone, that this crisis been preventable.

CMS leads routine see againws of health and security standards to the State Hospital, episode warnings when something falls short of those standards. Thiss the responsibility of leadership to DPHHS and MSH for address. During my mandate, CMS discovered that some of the mirrors that had suspended in the State Hospital for decades laid a threatens for our the patients and Staff, they emitted a Warning and we replaced all Single a.

Because we areanswered for the CMS warnings, we never lost funding, and After above all, the patients stayed safe. That is How? ‘Or’ What the process should work.

I to know the Politics of this everything can To feel frustrating, but this is a the tragedy. Four people is dead. Our more vulnerable the patients and their families areyou obtain the care and the Support they or they merit. the Staff areyou obtain the Pay or the security protocols they or they deservedand. Oand must to meet this moment. We Wonnot stop while speaking in regards to this because our constituentslives and livelihood are to stake.

So I to have some questions for Governor Greg Gianforte and Director Adam meier:

Below your leadership, the State Hospital ignorered established covid protocols during the epidemic, drawn back the covid differential funding that had previously success to hold back Staff, and refuse for utilize the National Beware To do Support work so the qualified Staff could deal with the medical and emotional bornDs of the patients, first for a FASyoumoving Staff Exodus.You had money and solutions to your provision for address these recruitment shortages and you taken Nope not for address them. Why haven’t you taken any concrete action to remedy the shortage of personnel?

YouI had completed control for 15 month and account now. Why do you always blame the last administration instead of owning your mistakes?

If the state hospital is closed, what will you say to the Montanese who will lose good-paying jobs and to the Montanese who rely on MSH as their mental health care provider of last resort?

When county Lawyers doubt a respondentthe capacity for participate and aptitude for proceedin their self defense, they or they send them for the State Hospital for treatment. Yes MSH can Nope longer to take these the patients, county Lawyers could be strength for drop these case, pcut our communitiessecurity to risk. What do you intend to do to address this serious public safety problem?

YouI handed over a $2.2 million Contract for a private outsideofState consultant solidify. Is this an attempt to finance our public facilities?

This goes far beyond Politics this is really a crisis of leadership.

Montanes desertvwell finance facilities that alreadytherea can to access independently of Income. Oworkers merit well paid jobs. our families merit a State Hospital

that can provide mental health care during seizures. Oyou communities deserve it peace of listen awareness that our criminal Justice system is addressing mental health.

the fluent administration possesses spent the last month blame the State Hospital problems on their predecessors. They appear for Forget that no more of the of them Democratic federal administrations lost funding. This is a serious crisis who will be affect almost all corner of our Statethiss irresponsible for the Gianforte administration for try for Dodge blame. To take the possession of the problem. Work toward a Solution that put Montanes first.

This take diligence for Course the State Hospital. This is a tough work, but you ran for thisyou asked Montanes for trust you for Course our public facilities. So far, you to have lack that trust. Thiss weather for step at the top and To do your work.

Sheila hogan is the executive director of the Montana Democratic To party.

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