Highlights of Regional Enforcement Services in the First Quarter 2022 Report

Superintendent and Manager of Regional Law Enforcement Services Stewart Rempel says that’s good news.

“What that means is that the big offenses that we would normally come across weren’t there.”

Rempel says that typically in their reports there may be more than two pages of larger, notable violations, but there were only 14 in the first quarter of 2022.

“We had about 130 km/h in 80 zones… there are still shocking speeds, there are still impaired drivers that we found and big overloads.”

Rempel says that last year fewer vehicles were on the road, but police caught people driving much faster.

“The vehicles we saw…they were in a hurry and they were flying!”

Half of the notable law enforcement highlights had drivers going at least 50 km/h over the posted speed limit, with the fastest driver award going to someone who drove 149 km/h. h in an 80 km/h zone.

The regional pound also completed its renovations during the first quarter.

Rempel says “the pound needed some groundwater controls put in place, it’s done. We built an extension on it, we fixed the struggling septic tank, everything was moved and rebuilt, then we built a garage on the east end.

The new garage extension acts as a barrier between Bandaged Paws and the Regional Animal Pound so animal control operations have new space, away from where people come to watch the animals.

He says there have been times when Pound and Bandaged Paws have reached capacity, with the handing over of pets.

“When people were at home there was an absolute herd of people who suddenly wanted to adopt an animal and then you go forward a year…a lot of those people were saying it wasn’t a good choice anymore, they did not want it and does not correspond to their way of life.

The regional animal care facility has been operating since the SPCA closed, Rempel said, “We allow people to bring in animals that they want to give up and that’s part of the operation of the shelter, and then we also try to adopt these animals. ”

It’s the 45th anniversary of Regional Law Enforcement Services in Grande Prairie County this year and Rempel says they’re happy to be back and engaging with the community again after the long hiatus. .

“We haven’t been able to do this for a very long time, so that’s our key message, we want to get out into the community, be a visible presence. I know a few weeks ago some of our friends went to Wembley for a big water fight with the kids…that’s what we want to do!

He says the Teepee Creek Stampede, Rio Grande Rodeo and Grande Prairie Stompede were all “very safe and successful,” with law enforcement officers and RCMP members present at all events and no major incidents.

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