Houston law enforcement pays tribute to boy who was bullied at school

When Houston law enforcement learned what happened to 8-year-old Michael Martinez, they named him honorary deputy in a ceremony Friday.

HOUSTON — Just call him Deputy Martinez.

Eight-year-old Michael Martinez was named an honorary deputy Friday by several Houston-area law enforcement agencies.

They gave the shy boy a bunch of badges and showered him with gifts in a special ceremony.

“It’s overwhelming, all the love and support we get from all the officers,” said his mother, Angie Martinez.

Agencies have teamed up to honor the little boy after hearing how he was bullied at school for dressing up as a police officer on Career Day. Two older students pushed him out of his wheelchair down the hall.

“Michael kept his composure and remained calm as several students helped him to his seat,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said.

The ninth grader uses the wheelchair because he has cerebral palsy.

But that didn’t stop him from standing up to bullies. He proudly wore his police costume to school again the next day, but this time he was escorted in an assistant police officer’s car.

Ogg praised Michael’s courage in the face of adversity.

“Honorary badges are awarded to recipients who embody the characteristics required of every peace officer and first responder: courage, strength, kindness and resilience,” Ogg said.

This wasn’t the first time Michael had made the news. We first told you about him last year when he saved his entire family during bitter frost.

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After everyone went to bed, Michael heard the carbon monoxide detector go off. He crawled to his parents’ bedroom to wake them up.

The odorless, poisonous carbon monoxide from their stove could have killed them all.

“Michael saved eight members of his family during the freeze. We are very, very lucky to have Michael in our lives,” his grandmother said on Friday.

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Life has not been easy for boy Atascocita who was born much earlier than expected and weighed just three pounds.

“Every time I take him to school, the kids watch him. He wants to play and he wants to run around like the other kids. We have our moments when we… Michael and I, cry and hold each other. other,” Angie Martinez told us last year.

Even heroes have tough days.

But Michael can hold his head high now, knowing he has plenty of friends in high places watching over him and cheering him on.

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