Jahangirpuri Muslims denounce Kejriwal’s silence on atrocities against the community and regret voting for the AAP

A Muslim living in Block C of Jahangirpuri – where communal clashes erupted over Hanuman Jayanti and where the demolition campaign was waged – said he and his friends now regret voting for Arvind Kejriwal’s party.

AAP MP Ajesh Yadav, who was elected from Jahangirpuri where Hindus and Muslims live together in congested lanes, is now remembered as a “runaway”. He reportedly traveled to Bihar to help set up the party structure there, while Kejriwal was seen campaigning in Bangalore.

“Kejriwal has time for the campaign but not for us…Why didn’t he reach out to us,” asked a young man in his twenties.

Recalling the time when the two communities – mostly made up of migrants from Bihar and West Bengal – lived peacefully in the region, Ajaz felt that social harmony was much better when the Congress was in power compared to the AAP.

Imran and his friends, who live in Gali number 1 in the region, said Devendra Yadav of the Congress party, who represented the seat from 2008 to 2013 and from 2013 to 2015, was very helpful and a good human being.

Hum login ki mati husband gayi thi ki humne AAP ko vote kiya. Kejriwal ka chehra dekhkar vote nahi karna chahiye tha (We voted for the AAP because we lost our wisdom. We shouldn’t have voted after seeing Kejriwal’s face),” one said.

Irshad, originally from Bihar, lives on the ground floor of a three-storey building where the top two floors are occupied by Hindus.

Speaking to this reporter near a mandir that escaped yesterday’s demolition campaign, Irshad said Hindus and Muslims may be divided by religion but are united by poverty.

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