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The Kurdistan Community (KCK) Foreign Relations Committee issued a written statement, on the Turkish occupation attacks and tensions in Şengal, in which it said: “The Iraqi state must rule out violence in the process of dialogue that he will establish with the Yazidi people. You have to take it as a basis. »

In its statement, the committee continued:

“The fascist Turkish state has launched new attacks since April 17, 2022 as part of the genocide against our people. The reach of this fascist regime has shrunk, despite its historic crimes. Its economy has hit bottom because it was spent on its war against the Kurdish people. Fascist Turkish President Erdogan is trying to change his current agenda. The life of this fascist regime has become so short that it cannot be extended with these attempts. That is why it is trying to expand its territory and destroy the gains of our people by using cooperating groups and families such as the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), and eliminating all hotbeds of resistance in Kurdistan.

The statement adds: “As the attacks of the fascist regime continue, the creative heroic resistance of the guerrillas fails many of their calculations. The fact that the Turkish fascist regime described these attacks as a war against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) indicates only a short understanding of history or a commitment to these calculations. The Turkish state is historically an enemy of the Kurdish people.

“Their goal is to realize the dreams of the Ottoman Empire.”

The statement added: “Recently there have been more and more attacks by the fascist Turkish state against our Yazidi people and Şengal. Our Yazidi people have just emerged from the genocidal attacks by ISIS gangs, thousands of women and children were captured during the 73-year-old genocide, and their fate is still unknown, as our Yazidi people rebuild their life after the resistance that defeated ISIS. They wanted to develop and improve their measures to prevent another extermination. This is why they developed the model of self-government taking into account federalism, which is also the soul of the Iraqi constitution. This effort of our people has annoyed the Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP), which handed over Şengal to the Islamic State and behind it the Turkish state responsible for the Islamic State. The Yazidis tried to develop this process in coordination and dialogue with Iraq, but today we learn that the Iraqi state is attacking them.

“When the attacks on our Yazidi people began, we stepped in and confronted the terrorism of ISIS in its perpetration of the 73-year-old genocide. After that, the Yazidi Defense Forces, led by the Shingal Resistance Units (YBŞ), the Shingal Women’s Units (YJŞ) and the Asayish Yazidkhan Forces, with the support of the Iraqi state, managed to defeat ISIS in the Shingal. Region. Our Yazidi community established its own administration in Şengal, and at this stage, in order to prevent attacks against the Iraqi people and Şengal, these measures were taken. The presence of Yazidi protection forces in Shingal is not a problem for Iraq, it is the solution.

In the same context, the statement stated that: “At a time when the attacks of the Turkish occupation against Southern Kurdistan and Iraq have increased, it has become clear that there is a well thought out plan to put the Iraqi state and the Yazidis facing them. to deal with. Yazidis are among those who have been victims of genocidal attacks. Iraq must treat the Yazidis and their political will with increased sensitivity and responsibility. The forces that have raised arms against the Yazidis until recently are the Islamic State, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Turkish state.

The statement called on the Iraqi state to stay away from the language of violence and open dialogue with the Yazidi people. The agreements reached go against the will of the Yazidis. And the construction of the Turkish wall, and the lack of respect for the values ​​of the people, does not solve the problems. The statement continued: “The confrontation of Yazidis and their children with military vehicles provokes conflict, not dialogue. In this regard, we would like to announce that as a Freedom Movement, we will support all kinds of constructive democratic processes to resolve the problem. problem. We are waging a great war against the invading Turkish state. This war is not only a war of freedom for the Kurdish people, but the resistance of the peoples of the region for freedom and peace.”

The statement concluded: “The new Ottoman project of the Turkish state will be torn to pieces as it collides with the walls of heroic resistance of the guerrilla fighters. As a freedom movement, we will continue to disrupt these narratives and this resistance in order to bring freedom, peace and stability to our peoples who live in the region. We call on the Iraqi state and Iraqi society to understand the seriousness of the plans and consequences of the attack by the Turkish state and its collaborators and to speak out against it.


Source: Roj News

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