Law enforcement tries to curb the violence in Beaumont

The Beaumont Police Department and Crime Stoppers are tired of seeing this violent crime and say to curb the violence we all need to step up.

BEAUMONT, Texas – Communities in Southeast Texas are calling for an end to the violence in the area and want to bring peace to their neighborhood.

The Beaumont Police Department and Crime Stoppers are tired of seeing violent crime and say that to stop the violence we all need to step up.

“Unfortunately, we have a lot of violent crime in Beaumont. We have murders almost every week,” said Assistant Criminal District Attorney Ashley Molfino.

Beaumont Police Chief Jimmy Singletary said the past few weeks have been busy for Beaumont police officers.

The types of calls they respond to are violent and dangerous. He said what is even more shocking is that children are often behind these acts of violence.

“Not only do these young people have no qualms about shooting people, but afterwards they probably did it all their lives, at a very young age, they show no remorse,” Singletary said.

Simply put, these young criminals aren’t sorry, and Beaumont police officers doing what they can to spread the word violence isn’t the answer.

Programs like Cops and Kids encourage a better relationship with law enforcement and offer children who may lack family support a better way of life

“It’s heartbreaking to hear and we’re doing everything we can to reach kids in different programs,” Singletary said.

But it takes a village. Keeping kids away from crime is a start, but so is speaking up when you see something wrong.

Crime Stoppers provides an important service to the community. They are watchdogs that help the police find the bad guys.

Campus coordinator Jeremy Raley said these patterns of violence and crime actually come from two main sources.

“Some of these crimes unfortunately go hand in hand and if you look at a view one of which is happening, they’re sort of together, between homicides and drug activity,” Raley said.

Crimes that can be solved with your help. If you see something, say something.

“With our program, it keeps the person anonymous, there’s no way of knowing who the tipsters are, it’s guaranteed by the Texas state government code 414,” Raley said.

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If you have information about a crime, you could earn a cash reward of up to $1,000 by providing an ANONYMOUS tip to Southeast Texas Crime Stoppers.

Call 833-TIPS (8477) or download the P3Tips app to your mobile device to submit your tip anonymously.

This is a developing story. We’ll update with more if and when we receive more confirmed information.

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