League of Legends community pays tribute to Yoppa, one of the first players on the British scene, sadly passed away at the age of 23

Serbian League of Legends player Pavle ‘Yoppa’ Kostić, one of the first League of Legends ESL UK Premiership players, has sadly passed away due to complications from Covid.

The top laner had previously played with the defunct TCA Esports organization in ESL Prem, with players like support Raizins, who is now a streamer for London Esports, and Deadly, the ADC who has just left BT Excel.

Yoppa had played for a range of top teams over the years, including Giants Gaming, Mad Lions and Vitality academy teams, and most recently Schalke Evolution.

Sportklub also reported that Yoppa was “one of the most promising League of Legends players in our region, he was the first Serbian player to successfully climb to the top spot in the Challenger rankings of EUW servers and was among the first to play in major international teams ”.

They also reported that TSM had taken an interest in him at one point, but visa issues prevented him from signing. Yoppa also missed out on playing in the EU Masters in Leicester, UK two years ago due to visa issues.

Yoppa impressed during his short stint on the UK scene in 2016, and in September 2016, Esports News UK selected Yoppa as MVP of the Week for his performance as Gnar against GLB Esports:

The League of Legends community paid tribute to Yoppa, who was only 23, with numerous comments sending love and support to Twitter and Reddit.

The Balkan League tweeted the following:

Here is a selection of other tweets paying homage to Yoppa:

Mad Lions UK head coach Mac said: “Tragic news for all of us at Mad, and all of us who have known and played with Yoppa. My thoughts are with his family and friends, I can’t even imagine their grief at losing him at such a young age. Rest in peace. Stay safe and take care of each other. “

Deadly, the British CDA who performed with Yoppa on TCA in 2016, added: “My very first esports teammate, what a legend this boy was, gone far too early, may he rest in peace and fly high. Lots of love Pavle.

Richard ‘Froomie’ Froom, Acting Director of LoL at Verdant, commented: “Tragic news. I remember seeing Yoppa play for the TCA on the UK stage and thinking he was a quality player. He was always very respectful and gave his all. Taken way before his time. Such a sad one. loss. Rest in peace. “

“My heart goes out to his family and friends, I can’t even begin to imagine their grief over losing him at such a young age. Rest in peace. Stay safe and take care of each other.”

Mac, Crazy Lions

Caster, host, content creator and UK communications manager Excoundrel said: “I’ve spoken to Yoppa many times over the years, he was a wonderful guy and a great player. I can’t believe he’s gone. Rest in peace.”

And Peter Dun, UK head coach of Evil Geniuses, said: “Gifted player, great teammate, fun to coach and a great guy all around. Without the visa complications throughout his career, he would have played at LEC and would have been one of the best. My thoughts are with his family. and to his friends on this sad day. Rest in peace. “

Jose, CEO of Giants Gaming, said: “I felt devastated today when we found out. Pavle was one of those special people who make the world a better place. I remember all my conversations with him, his ambition to grow up, his big smile. The world will be missed very much, dear Pavle. Rest in peace.”

Many other hundred people paid tribute to him and expressed their condolences.

Rest in peace Yopa.

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