Mayor Tory and a group of cyclists gather to discuss law enforcement issues in High Park

Toronto police say they issued 16 tickets to cyclists over several months

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Toronto Mayor John Tory met with leaders of Cycle Toronto on Wednesday due to rising tensions around cycling and traffic enforcement in High Park.

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Tory said he encouraged Cycle Toronto to meet with city staff regarding High Park’s movement strategy and Toronto Police, the latter regarding traffic enforcement.

He also said he was “open to innovative solutions to help all park users better enjoy the park and respect each other”.

For its part, Cycle Toronto said in a statement that Tory has said he may consider “implementing quick win solutions in the park before the end of 2022” and “he has also expressed interest in a pilot without a car seven days a week”.


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Tory said that while it is clear that drivers of vehicles bear more of a responsibility to obey the law, “it does not absolve others from obeying the law.”

The mayor encouraged the Toronto police, whose work he says he supports, to publicize “the extremely small number of tickets issued to cyclists or for cyclist-related offenses in the High Park area”.

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  1. A cyclist crosses an intersection without stopping at High Park in Toronto, Ontario.  Thursday, August 4, 2022.

    WARMINGTON: Compromise needed to deal with high-flying cyclists at High Park

  2. Cyclists pedal through High Park on Friday July 30, 2021.

    Cops aim to curb speeding cyclists in High Park

On Thursday, Toronto police did just that, saying they were “not involved in a blitz aimed specifically at cyclists” but instead responded to “complaints from the community about aggressive driving and unsafe cycling habits in and around High Park”.

Between January 2021 and August 10, 2022, Toronto police said they issued 16 tickets to cyclists, including for failing to stop at stop signs and red lights, acting unsafely in the lane or on the shoulder and failing to wear a helmet on a motor assisted vehicle, against 1,215 tickets to motorists in and around High Park.

Police also said they were aware of a planned protest in High Park on Thursday evening and would be “available to keep the peace and ensure public safety”.

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