Mission Hills community pushes back on proposed road to Nevada State College

HENDERSON (KTNV) — If you build it, they will protest. A group of homeowners in a Henderson neighborhood oppose the construction of a proposed road in the area. This road was to provide another access point to Nevada State College.

“Enough of the building. Enough of the blasting of our mountains. Let’s live in peace. »

Peace and quiet is what Linda Freeman has enjoyed for over two decades at Mission Hills in Henderson.

“Mission Hills is a premier rural area in the entire Valley,” she said.

But Freeman says the rural charm it enjoys will be threatened if a proposed road linking the neighborhood to Nevada State College is built. She says neighbors like her don’t want to see increased traffic and the natural landscape disturbed.

“A lot of wild animals pass through this ravine. I feed my rabbits, hares every day. If they come through this desert, they will be massacred,” she said.

The proposed road would connect both ends of Paradise Hills Drive, allowing another access point to Nevada State College. This would be built to the south of the district. Neighbors say it would prevent them from riding horses on nearby hills.

“It’s one of the very last places horses are allowed out of their homes and into a safe area for them,” she said.

Freeman says the notices for the proposed route came in earlier this week, prompting a neighborhood meeting on Saturday.

“We had to go around and tell them to come to the meeting to let them know what was even going on and the neighbors are outraged,” she said.

Once word of this road project spread, 500 petition ballots were distributed to all neighbors in the Mission Hills area, so they want to stay separate from the college.

The petition saying the road is “useless” and “harms” their quality of life. Freeman says about 20 years ago a similar proposal was submitted, but neighbors fought back and a road was never built. She wants to make sure that remains the case today.

“We come here and it’s our solace where we can be alone,” she said.

There will be a meeting next Wednesday with neighbors and planners to discuss the proposed road.

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