Oakdale man accused of shooting at law enforcement has been found not guilty by reason of mental illness

A man accused of shooting at police during a confrontation near Tartan High School in Oakdale last fall has been found not guilty on grounds of mental illness.

Shawn Fairley Codinack, 32, of Oakdale, has been charged with three counts of first-degree assault on a peace officer, accused of shooting at police from the window of a third-floor apartment in the block 900 North Greenway Ave. The criminal complaint was dismissed earlier this month.

When police arrived on October 11, they found Codinack hanging from his apartment window. He made several comments about wanting to “meet God” and “pulled a handgun at the officers who spoke with him through the apartment window,” according to court documents.

The officers returned their service weapons, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. No one was hurt.

The standoff led to temporary closures at Tartan and Oakdale Primary School.

Codinack was taken into custody and into a hospital, where he was remanded on mental health grounds, according to court documents. BCA officers searched his apartment and found “numerous firearms”, the documents say.

Codinack is currently subject to a recognizance order as a person posing a risk of harm to self or others, which runs until May 4.

“Based on the reports collected and multiple interviews with the defendant and his case manager, the defendant’s mental health symptoms appear to have largely resolved as a result of his prescribed treatment regimen,” the county attorney wrote. of Washington, Pete Orput, in a letter to the court this month.

Codinack’s commitment is expected to be extended for an additional year to expand services, treatment and supervision.

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