Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies (PJCS) is an interdisciplinary field of study that addresses issues of war, social oppression and violence, and the challenges of implement non-violent conflict resolution and social justice. The PJCS program serves to focus knowledge from various disciplines to converge on issues of violence and the challenges of finding peaceful solutions.

The mission of the PJCS program intersects with and supports the mission of Gustavus Adolphus College in several specific ways: it is interdisciplinary and international in perspective, it emphasizes the development of values ​​as an integral part of intellectual growth, and above all it encourages students to work for a just and peaceful world. The PJCS program strongly recommends studying or working abroad for its students to gain international knowledge and experience. It is also a program that values ​​action-oriented pedagogies and models of experiential education and service learning.

Students are encouraged to consult the faculty listed below, who serve as resource persons and advisers in the various disciplines that contribute to the PJCS minor.

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