Prem Rawat addresses meeting on peace education in Mexico as partnerships grow

Prem Rawat met with supporters of the peace education program in Mexico, where the wellness course is adopted by various groups to reduce violence and cultivate hope.

Training should give you the potential you already have. The peace education program aims to realize your potential, to know and understand what it means to be alive.

Prem Rawat recently met with supporters of the Peace Education Program in Mexico, where the wellness course is adopted by various people in family development organizations, correctional facilities, law enforcement and more. Again.

The non-profit organization he created, the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), makes the series of workshops available worldwide to help people discover their own inherent resources such as inner strength and peace. personal. As in other countries, a growing number of institutions in Mexico are ready to integrate the program into their efforts to reduce violence and cultivate hope.

Total participation in the program has grown over the past year to reach over 44,000 people in 50 countries, with many workshops being offered on virtual platforms so that people can safely benefit from them despite the challenges of the pandemic. COVID-19.

The program’s popularity in Mexico has grown exponentially and it has recently gained positive attention from several news outlets. La Jornada Maya newspaper reported that “In the context of the pandemic, this has been a ‘balm’ to relieve a little of the pain and uncertainty that we human beings are suffering.”

About 40 participants joined Prem Rawat to learn more about the peace education program at the March 15 meeting in Cancun, Mexico, including representatives from the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF), the office of the governor of Quintana Roo, the state education system, the state public security system, Technological University of Cancun and other organizations. Many have expressed keen interest in expanding the program to their constituencies.

The Peace Education Program workshops feature videos of Rawat’s speeches, as well as time for reflection, discussions with participants, workbook activities and reading materials, making them varied, fun and adaptable.

At the meeting on Peace Education in Mexico, Prem Rawat explored some of the same themes he does in the program’s workshops, delivering a stimulating message on how to live a life of joy and appreciation even. in difficult circumstances.

“You judge your life by what you don’t have. You have to start judging your life by what you have. And what you have is the peace, the tranquility, the joy, the kindness that is all inside of you. There is a burning candle inside every human being. And we suffer in the dark because we don’t allow that light to express itself in our lives, ”he said. “Training should give you the potential you already have. The peace education program aims to realize your potential, to know and understand what it means to be alive.

The event followed the publication of recent studies that show remarkable benefits for participants in the peace education program, including improved anger management, tolerance and contentment.

The enthusiasm for the course in Mexico is reflected in various Latin American countries. For example, last year more than 13,000 students participated in Colombian and Peruvian schools, supported by educators who wish to prepare young people for positive life paths.

“In these difficult times, the collaboration and enthusiasm shown by representatives of groups and organizations in the State of Quintana Roo in Mexico is particularly encouraging. We look forward to working together to meet their demands to make this transformative course widely available, ”said Willow Baker, Director of the Peace Education Program.

Any person or organization can request a free license from TPRF to offer the course to interested groups.

The peace education program is just one of the ways TPRF advances dignity, peace and prosperity by meeting basic human needs.

TPRF has provided more than $ 300,000 in funds for international COVID-19 relief projects over the past year. This winter, TPRF also partnered with World Central Kitchen to help people recover from devastating hurricanes in Central America.

Learn more about the Peace Education Program and all of TPRF’s initiatives here.

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