Prem Rawat meets with Italian officials to discuss peace education program in prisons

Nudges for Peace: Prem Rawat and Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede discussed how the peace education program can help foster personal rehabilitation in correctional facilities and beyond.

It is about recognizing what can help people who are in desperate circumstances, so that our communities, our societies, and even our countries and our world, can stay together, not separate.

Prem Rawat recently met with representatives of the Italian Senate in Rome to discuss how the peace education program can help foster personal rehabilitation in penal institutions and beyond.

The founder of the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has created a series of innovative workshops to help people discover their own inner strength and personal peace. Since 2012, the peace education program has been offered in more than 683 prisons around the world, winning praise from authorities for improving attitudes and behavior. The program has been successful in several locations in Italy, including the Venice Santa Maria Maggiore and Pagliarelli prisons, and authorities are considering an extension to include many more facilities across the country.

Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede, Arnaldo Lomuti of the Senate Justice Commission and Alessandra Maiorino of the Special Commission for the Safeguarding and Promotion of Human Rights joined Prem Rawat on September 25 in the Italian Senate. A live video stream shared the meeting with a wider audience in Italian and the Radio Radicale recording is available here.

In his remarks, Prem Rawat pointed out that the reason the peace education program works is that it brings out the good in people.

“The world needs some ability to promote the good in a person. It is incredibly important. In schools, from kindergarten, we tell children what they should not do, but we do not strengthen the decision-making process that should be theirs, ”he said. “It is about recognizing what can help people in desperate circumstances, so that our communities, our societies, and even our countries and our world, can stay together, not come apart.”

Italian officials praised the Peace Education Program for helping prisoners re-enter society productively and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede applauded the program for providing a forum for participants to rethink their behaviors, take responsibility for their actions and gain greater self-awareness. Senator Arnaldo Lomuti praised the program for helping participants reflect on the value of their lives, their dignity and the importance of making better choices.

Their comments are supported by a comprehensive new study of 604 participants incarcerated on four continents who found remarkable results. Positive improvements were seen in 89% of participants, who said the program helped them feel empowered to cope with past events, gain the will to change, better manage their anger, and avoid fighting.

In her remarks, Senator Alessandra Maiorino highlighted the value of the Peace Education Program Beyond Prisons and how it can help young people in schools.

Indeed, the program has proven to be effective in a variety of settings outside of corrections such as schools, community centers and many others.

Peace Education Program workshops can be offered in person, virtually or on tablets to inmates by GTL and Edovo. The course is neither religious nor political, and the Prem Rawat Foundation makes the workshop materials available free of charge.

The peace education program is just one of the ways TPRF advances dignity, peace and prosperity by meeting basic human needs.

At the height of the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy earlier this year, TPRF worked with Italian NGO CESVI to help provide more than one million face masks, 550 ventilators and intensive care for the elderly and with disabilities.

Learn more about all the initiatives of the Prem Rawat Foundation here.

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