Ranchers’ association demands enforcement of presidential directive on grazing reserves and cattle routes

Michael Olugbode in Abuja

One of the country’s leading pastoral associations, the Kulen Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), has called for the enforcement of President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive on grazing reserves and cattle roads invaded.

At the height of the crisis between herders and farmers over the invasion of cattle on farmland, the president said he would ensure that identified leveling reserves and cattle routes were reclaimed.

A statement made Tuesday by the National Chairman of KACRAN, Hon. Khalil Bello, appealed to the Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, to enforce the presidential directive on the recovery of pasture reserves and encroached cattle roads.

The statement read: “Nigerians may remember the widely publicized directive from President Muhammad Buhari to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Hon. Abubakar Malami (SAN), in the interests of peace and unity in the country, take all necessary measures to reclaim all encroached pasture reserves and cattle roads, especially in the northern part.

Bello lamented that “for nearly a year after the directive, unfortunately no action was taken by the Honorable Attorney General’s office to enforce the president’s directive.”

He said, “We, the members of KACRAN, sincerely wish to make an impassioned appeal to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation to urgently carry out the directive for the achievement of peace and unity. sustainable development”.

He added that “our appeal is based on the following genuine reasons: For Mr. President to be seen as true to his words and a leader truly committed to issues and peace, national reconstruction and socio-economic progress;

“Farmers who, because of their selfish interest and utter disregard for our national security, would be right to refrain from doing anything that would jeopardize our national bond;

“The rains are almost here and new violent conflicts should be avoided.”

Bello said: “It is necessary that all classified grazing reserves and cattle roads be freed from the encroachment of sedentary farmers who are forcibly converting these cattle roads and grazing reserves into agricultural land, causing a additional insecurity problem in the country by causing a direct collision between sedentary farmers and pastoralists.

“Reservations and encroached grazing roads are legally and constitutionally owned by ranchers and the president’s directive for their reclamation, so that farmers can plant their crops in the area under discussion and cause direct clashes between ranchers and farmers.”

He lamented that “even now, the northern part of this country is sadly facing a serious problem of insecurity which is mainly centered on the continuing mistrust between our beloved farmers and herders.”

He insisted that “the enforcement of the said historic and very important ordinance will reduce, if not completely end, the gratuitous clashes between cattle ranchers and farmers which are mainly caused by farmers’ accusation that ranchers are destroying their farms. while herders on their side blame farmers for encroaching on their grazing reserves or totally illegally blocking their cattle roads and converting them into their personal farms.

“There is no doubt that we, KACRAN, firmly believe that recovering our overgrown grazing reserves and revitalizing them through the provision of watering holes and animal pastures will end most of the problems we are currently facing.”

Bello said, “As law-abiding Nigerians, we are bound to respect our constituted authorities and we humbly pledge our commitment to finding solutions to peaceful co-existence.

“We firmly believe that the implementation of the directive will bring a lasting solution to the persistent problem between herders and farmers.”

He said, however, that “failure to enforce this presidential order will set a bad precedent that the president’s directive can be ignored or dismissed and nothing will happen to punish those who have clearly demonstrated the act of insubordination.”

“Once we want to state profusely that if the order of the president is allowed to die naturally, what order will be carried out or carried out in the country, and are we God forbid, do not move towards anarchism and the anarchy?”

He said: “Enforcing the order will prevent our herders from moving unnecessarily to the south of the country so as not to heat up the political regime unnecessarily.

“Implementation of this order will render due honor to our President and will make the ranchers confident in the government in the firm belief that the government is capable of resolving their issues amicably hence the rising tension in various communities of our dear country”.

He said that “in view of the many benefits derived from implementing said Presidential Special Order and avoiding dire consequences, we once again appeal to the Department of Justice and our highly respected Attorney General to please ensure the timely implementation of the order. by an implementation committee.

“We sincerely believe that if our illegally occupied grazing reserves and blocked cattle roads that our cattle use to move freely to their designated grazing reserves and watering places, without passing through anyone’s farm either, are recovered and revived, peace and stability will be easily achievable throughout the country.

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