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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his teaching on faith, said, “The God we worship is not a weak or incompetent God. He is able to repel gigantic waves of opposition and bring down prodigious mountains of evil. The resounding testimony of [major faith traditions] it is that God is able.

Carl Woodland

For those who adhere to any of the many modern religious traditions, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and others, faith in God is one of the most central parts of a foundation. for a deep and meaningful personal relationship with the Divine. . No matter who we are or what milieu we belong to, there will always be difficult times for us and for others, not only in our personal circles but also in the world around us. For the faithful, peace and calm can be achieved when faith directs the individual’s personal focus on results that are divine in nature, greater than each of us, and infinitely more powerful.

This strength to overcome challenges lies deep in the trust that God exists, and a vision of the world beyond opens up in the mind, and from this vision come great possibilities, thoughts and miracles that otherwise would not occur. would not realize.

During the difficult times of Covid and other challenges, many families in our community have experienced job loss, illness and food insecurity. To help meet these challenges, the local faith community and others motivated by humanitarian values ​​have united in projects aimed at alleviating suffering and bringing comfort to those in need. Food distribution events, clothing drives, financial and emotional support were provided by many of our local charities, foundations and individual acts of kindness.

An inspiring story shared recently on social and print media described how our local community came together to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, who are suffering immense challenges due to circumstances beyond their control.

These opportunities to serve others are a wonderful example of faithful and caring people in our community who seek to find what is good and to spread feelings of hope to others.

As devotees believe there is more to life than what we see, this perspective guides personal values, with decisions and actions taken to align with this view of what can be. In reflecting on some of the great men and women in history who changed the world for the better, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa expressed a tradition of faith in God. This deep conviction of faith led them to have courage and to act according to their convictions. The world is better off.

As we watch the evening news and mourn for those who suffer in a world deeply conflicted and challenged, may we find comfort in the thought that our good deeds, in service to others, will prevail.

Carl Woodland is a board member and former facilitator of the Interfaith Community of South County (ICSC) and a member of The Church of Latter-day Saints, Morgan Hill. For more information about interfaith activities in South County, contact [email protected].

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