Russia must be excluded from the G20 and ostracized by the international community

THE overrated and inept Russian war machine is in disarray.

The last thing NATO, and President Biden in particular, should do now is make a concession to Putin.


Russia can’t be rehabilitated as long as Putin and his evil lackeys stay
Now that the Russian war machine is in disarray, the last thing NATO and President Biden should do is make concessions to Putin


Now that the Russian war machine is in disarray, the last thing NATO and President Biden should do is make concessions to PutinCredit: AP

The Kremlin monster will get no quarter from Britain, which has led the West’s response, training and arming Ukraine and unveiling punitive sanctions.

It’s no surprise that Boris Johnson is considered President Zelensky’s No. 1 ally and Putin’s No. 1 NATO enemy.

And NATO appears outwardly united that there should be NO pressure on Zelensky to enter into a peace deal against his will.

That he alone must be the master of his nation’s destiny. He certainly earned that right.

Putin's ambassador says they have the right to press the nuclear button
A terrified Russian soldier tells his grandmother that he wants

For once, Joe Biden spoke of a good game yesterday too. We have to hope he sticks to every word.

It has a history of craving for hasty exits from foreign conflicts, regardless of the consequences for those left behind.

His White House is reportedly already discussing privately how Russia might ultimately be rehabilitated.

This must not happen as long as Putin and his evil lackeys stay.

NATO must offer nothing to Moscow. We must support and arm Zelensky.

We must not ease the sanctions even if the invaders withdraw completely from Russia.

There can be no glimmer of reward or benefit from their catastrophic, unprovoked war, their attempt to destroy a peaceful neighbor.

The economic punishment must last not only until a ceasefire or even a full peace agreement, but as long as the existing regime is in place. . . so dark it will be for the Russian people.

This pariah nation must be kicked out of the G20 and ostracized by the international community while its tyrant is still in power.

Resume something like normal relations and Putin will regroup and try again.

He believes that subjugating Ukraine is his destiny.

But NATO’s wishes to remain firm and united may not be enough.

Russian troops have proven adept only at slaughtering unarmed civilians.

It is very likely that the rabid dog, staring defeat in the face, will try to reverse the trend by unleashing chemical, biological or nuclear weapons on the population.

NATO will then need a more devastating response. And Russia can again forget forgiveness or normality.


It’s the same old story, the same old scam.

Fuel prices go up like a rocket but go down like a feather. . . if not at all.

When the wholesale price skyrockets, drivers immediately feel the pain.

But Rishi Sunak is cutting fuel taxes and half of our garages are sitting still and still taking in the bloated revenue.

They were told in writing to act once the cut came at 6 p.m. Wednesday. Too many people have ignored it.

Prices should be at least 5 pence a liter cheaper. It is simply outrageous that some courts are sitting on their hands.

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