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Residents, families and staff of Parkwood Place came together on Tuesday April 12 to raise relief funds for Ukraine, raising nearly $2,000 to donate to the Canadian Red Cross.

Resident Gerald Moreau played a major role in the event, sharing his enthusiasm to help and inspiring others in the community to do what they could to help.

“People said I speak with passion, but I would say I come with a spirit of conviction to help others and encourage others to do the same,” he said.

When he was too young to participate in World War II, Moreau’s older brothers did, and he remembers the conflict well. Watching the war happen again in another country, much like the one he remembers, is heartbreaking, he said.

“We must live in peace with each other – if we cannot live in peace with each other, how can we hope to have peace with other countries?”

Resident Sybil Butterfield’s father served in both World War I – from the age of 18 – and World War II.

“At the start of the second war, he was an officer in the army,” she recalls. “He was too old to fight, but he spent five years in Europe taking part in the war – he was protecting the south of England which was involved in the bombings.

“It’s absolutely shameful that this is happening again and we have to learn from history.”

The residents of Parkwood Place intend to continue to inspire others to donate to help Ukrainian refugees and to spread the word about how important it is to keep peace in the world.

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