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On April 27, Donna Salerno, 46, a reiki master, mindfulness educator and psychic, visited the Baldwin Public Library with a dozen flowers to teach the Baldwin community about the importance of meditation and healing. relaxation through flower meditation. Teaching a nearly full class, she discussed the importance of healing yourself through positive affirmations that promote self-love, manifesting the goals you want to accomplish, and listening to what the earth wants to communicate.

“Flowers have a healing purpose, all flowers have a message, all you have to do is look and see,” Salerno told the class of 12, “there are signs [and] intuitive messages if you look around; each flower has energy attached to it. Salerno said anyone can tap into their environment, and if they find their purpose in life, they can begin to have a better sense of connecting with their own energy.

She said most goals people have start with the word “to” lead to action, such as “give” or “teach.” Listening to your personal purpose and saying what you want through repetitive statements will help achieve the goals she told the class. Additionally, the repetitive nature of statements to yourself in the mirror every day, such as “I am loved” or “I am enough,” will change mindsets over time and lead to more confidence and happiness in life. general.

“Sometimes the pursuit of more than consumerism leads us to ask for more and more, but flowers are able to connect everyone to simpler times,” Salerno said, “They remind us to think back to our childhoods in making mud pies and our own inner child.” She thought for a second and continued, “I guess that’s what flowers are for us, just a really easy way to connect and get back to nature.”

She asked the class to meditate briefly with the carnations given to everyone and see what messages came naturally to them. Then, go around the room to clear the energy of each person in the room by passing a carnation near the participants and releasing the negative energy into the floor where it will be dispersed.

Mother and daughter Caitlin and Laura McCaffrey attended the workshop together. “I’ve been interested in it for a while, says Laura, I feel much better after doing the [cleansing] I could do it at home now. Laura, her mother said, “Anything therapeutic is good [and] I have always been interested in the meaning of flowers. She also opened up about how nice it was to be back in person at the library, “I’m so glad we can be back in person because I missed it.”

Debbie Banahan, another workshop participant and flower lover, got a deeper insight into what flowers can do for people. Saying she primarily viewed flowers as something to take a picture with without interacting: “Talking to a flower as healing energy…is very therapeutic.”

Thus proclaimed that “people need to connect to the positive, inner peace and the inner child in order to be positive in their everyday lives and to manage stress and relationships with others”.

Banahan came with her friend Cathy Aliano who said it was an interesting workshop, “I never really knew much about the healing power of flowers, and I feel like after this workshop , I’m going to use flowers more therapeutically in my life, not just as a pretty ornamental thing to decorate my house.

Salerno has been practicing mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques since her early twenties, she’s seen that since the pandemic, “I think right now people are looking for something that will make them feel good and all that they need to connect they need it more than ever.”

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