Tanzania: Mwinyi salutes the contribution of the Goa community to development

ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi expressed his gratitude to the Goa community of Zanzibar for their contribution to the development of the country, including improving social services.

In a meeting held at the State House in Zanzibar on Saturday, Dr Mwinyi informed Goa community leaders led by its chairperson, Amanda Demello, that the government would continue to work closely with the community for the well- to be of all citizens.

“The Goa community in Zanzibar, like other communities, has played a major role in supporting the government through various development activities including trade and investment,” Dr Mwinyi said.

President Mwinyi emphasized that the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar will continue to work with the community to ensure that they effectively implement their activities including spiritual services with the same aim of promoting peace and stability.

He explained that the visit of the Goa leaders to the State House provided an opportunity to speak about various issues including the challenges they face as well as further strengthen the historic relationship and cooperation that exists between the government and the community.

Commenting on the issue of thugs, untrained and unauthorized tour guides who have harassed visitors to Stone Town and other beaches in Zanzibar, President Mwinyi explained that deliberate efforts will be made through a group of special work of the Tourist Auxiliary Police to contain incidents.

Dr Mwinyi also explained the government’s efforts to overhaul Zanzibar’s education system, so that it can make a significant difference and meet the current demand for technological change.

Earlier, Goa Zanzibar Community President Demello thanked President Mwinyi for giving the community the opportunity to meet him and exchange ideas.

He explained a brief history of Goa which was established in Zanzibar in the 18th century.

The President took the opportunity to highlight the challenges their community is facing including the lack of land to set up a headquarters as is the case with the same community in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Nairobi, Tanga and Mombasa .

“The Goa community in Zanzibar places high hopes in President Mwinyi as the progress made during his short tenure indicates that he is determined to overcome the challenges facing the people,” the Goa leader said.

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