The Duluth Human Resources Expert Perspective: Benefits Matter – For Employees and Community

The truth is, having a meaningful benefit package helps employers stay competitive. In the case of the city, it will help keep our city safe and vibrant.

Equally important is the compensation of current employees and potential hires. The city is already struggling to hire police, firefighters and snowplow operators. The Duluth Police Department is currently the lowest paid in the state, compounding the challenges of hiring and retaining officers. Right now, it’s prudent to take a calmer, more thoughtful approach to benefits and maximize value while keeping costs competitive.

One strategy for any employer is to include various options to support employees at different stages of their careers. Offering a consumer-focused plan, also known as an HSA, or health savings account, is attractive to young workers; while lower deductible plans may be preferred for people with families or those who are later in their career.

Mental health and wellness programs are also inexpensive and show your employees that you care about their overall well-being.

In the end, if you find that your benefit costs are higher than expected, it may be time to bid. One of the great things about Duluth is that we have so many local businesses committed to supporting our community. Whether you’re a small clothing store or a restaurant, or a large healthcare provider or government entity, there are benefits experts here in our community to help.

The benefits are significant and will give your employees the peace of mind of knowing that you care about you, which translates into loyal and productive employees.

A recent article from the Society of Human Resource Management said that employers are using perks and perks to counter the “big resignation,” a reference to the millions of people in the United States who are currently quitting their jobs – 4.4 million nothing. only in September.

Finding and retaining talent has never been more important, and benefits are a great place to start. The hardworking employees of the many unions in the town of Duluth deserve more. Retaining our city’s first responders and essential workers is important to citizens and visitors.

In a city like Duluth, the benefits are endless, and in addition to ensuring competitive compensation and benefits, the city might consider creative options such as free or discounted prices on public golf courses, the zoo, and more. ‘other local sites under city control. skill.

The quality of life of Duluth residents could be negatively affected if we continue to lose good people at Town Hall while struggling to fill vacancies.

The benefits are significant for employees and the community as a whole.

Patricia Stolee is Vice President of Human Resources for a Duluth Bank, has been a member of the Society for Human Resource Management ( for 21 years, and is the wife of a Duluth police officer.

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