The Main Committee for Peace calls on the international community to support the AU and ensure that its peace efforts are successful –

Addis Ababa, August 17, 2022 (Walta) – The Main Committee for Peace has called on the international community to stand with the African Union and contribute to the success of Ethiopia’s peace efforts in the north of the country.

The full message of the statement issued by the Government Communications Committee regarding the explanation given to the international community on the peace proposal is as follows:-

The Main Peace Committee set up to advance the Government’s initiative to peacefully resolve the conflict in the north of the country discussed at length its progress to date, the current situation in the north of the country and other issues related. It should be recalled that the government has made several attempts to resolve the conflict peacefully.

For example, the Government declared a unilateral humanitarian truce, lifted the state of emergency, halted the advance of its troops towards Mekelle, released detainees suspected of being affiliated with the TPLF and also took other confidence-building measures.

We also know that in addition to these measures, the government is striving and making a serious effort to ensure a lasting peace. In this regard, it should be recalled that the Government has expressed its readiness to engage in peace talks without preconditions, anywhere and at any time. The Committee, in its discussion, underscored the imperative to alleviate the suffering of citizens in the conflict-affected parts of the Tigray, Afar and Amhara regional states.

To this end and in order to ensure a sustained delivery of humanitarian aid as well as to facilitate the resumption of basic services and also to resolve the conflict peacefully; the Committee stressed the need to conclude a ceasefire agreement as soon as possible.

To expedite this process, the Committee deliberated and adopted a peace proposal that would lead to the conclusion of a ceasefire and lay the foundations for future political dialogue. The Committee decided that the proposal should be communicated to the High Representative of the African Union as soon as possible. Furthermore, in accordance with the Committee’s decision to inform the international community so that a ceasefire agreement can be reached as soon as possible with the help of entities likely to support the effort of the African Union, such as a briefing was provided.

Further, the Committee noted that;

▪ To facilitate an accelerated resumption of basic services in the favorable environment that would be created once the ceasefire is concluded, all the necessary preparations are underway.

▪ All efforts are made in collaboration with the African Union so that it is possible to determine the place and time of the talks and to quickly start peace talks and conclude a ceasefire agreement under little.

The Main Committee for Peace urged the appropriate sub-committees and noted that the Federal Government has already instructed service-providing institutions to carry out the necessary activities to implement these decisions. The Committee commends the support that Ethiopians have given to the peace effort and calls on the general public to strengthen and continue this support.

The Committee also called on the international community to stand by the African Union and play a constructive role in the success of the peace effort.

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