The pedagogical file of peace education rewarded with a grand prize

A Peace Education Network teaching pack, designed and produced by Quakers in Britain, has been chosen by teachers for a major award.

Teach Peace Pack, photo credit: Quakers in Britain

The Quakers, who co-chair the Peace Education Network with Pax Christi, were inspired to create the teaching for peace resource by a Quaker grandmother.

She feared that the expansion of the combined cadet forces and the growing role of the armed forces and arms companies in education would leave no room for peace at her granddaughter’s school.

Designed for elementary school students, the pack features 10 complete builds, follow-up activities and resources that advocate for peace.

The popular pack, which has been revised and reprinted several times and is available in Welsh, is one of the top five resources for the inaugural Global Dimension Awards 2022. A secondary version is expected to be completed soon.

Reboot the Future, an organization that works with a network of 17,000 educators for a more sustainable and compassionate world, hosts the resources on its Global Dimension hub.


It’s a pack perfectly placed to allay fears, nurture hope for the future, and develop moral compasses.

– Reboot the future


They said: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked renewed interest in resources that tackle peace and conflict. This pack from the Peace Education Network is one of the most comprehensive and it’s no surprise that it has been a favorite resource for our teaching communities this year.

“Although the cost of war is mentioned, what stands out here is the positive angle taken. Students are shown that inner peace is important for outer peace, how to develop empathy and the benefits of a more peaceful world. It’s a pack perfectly placed to allay fears, nurture hope for the future, and develop moral compasses.”

Isabel Cartwright, head of peace education at Quakers in Britain, said: “It was a really collaborative project and we are delighted that the teachers chose it for this award.”

She added: “Pax Christi, CRESST, Peace Pledge Union, Peacemakers, Wales for Peace, Afghanistan Peace Project, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship, CND Peace Education and Africa Center for Nonviolence & Sustainable Impact (AfriNov), have all provided fabulous content for help teach peace.”

Rooted in the belief that there is God in every person, Quakers across Britain are working for peace.

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