UNODC will host a special dialogue on strengthening peace, justice and the SDGs through education today, get details here

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UNODC E4J Global Dialogue Series: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is organizing its “E4J Global Dialogue Series” from December 1-4, 2020, which aims to empower children, youth and educators and promote the rule of law . As part of this series, UNODC will organize a special dialogue panel (focused on India) today i.e. 2 December 2020 at 8:30 p.m., which will focus on peacebuilding , justice and the SDGs through education in India. The dialogue takes place virtually, you can participate via the link below:

UNODC E4J Global Dialogue (India session) – Click to participate

The live session will also be streamed live on UNODC South Asia Facebook page.

Theme of the round table

Today’s UNODC Special Dialogue will focus on the theme “Strengthening Peace, Justice and the SDGs through Education: Field Perspectives and Innovative Practices from India”. The dialogue will examine various aspects related to the theme with the help of a panel of experts covering:

  • How educators and policymakers plan to teach about the SDGs, peace and the rule of law (especially in the context of COVID-19), in the context of India’s new education policy 2020
  • Good practices / innovations from the Ministry of Education and NVS in integrating education for peace, justice and SDGs in the classroom
  • Bridging the gender, socio-economic and digital divides: How engagement with UNODC through E4J and Lockdown Learners has helped students and educators
  • Building back better from COVID-19: opportunities to institutionalize education for justice, peace and the SDGs
  • Showcase Youth Actions: Using Music and Networking to Strengthen Peace and Justice

The panel

A special panel of experts has been set up for the dialogue and consists of eminent names from various fields, including:

  • Amarendra Behera, Co-Director (CIET), NCERT
  • A. Ramachandra, Senior Academic Consultant of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samity
  • Shweta Sharma, Deoghar Field Educator, Jharkhand
  • Himmat Dhillon, Principal, Lawrence School, Sanawar
  • Asavari Verma, high school student and SDG 16 advocate focusing on “Music for SDGs and Peace”
  • Medha Tushti, high school student and SDG 16 activist focusing on “Building networks of action among vulnerable students in Jharkhand”

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