Violence in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri: Law enforcement branch investigates wealth of prime riot suspect | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The Law Enforcement Branch reportedly launched an investigation after Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana wrote to the agency on Thursday probing the wealth of Mohammad Ansar, one of the main defendants Jahangirpuri violence.
Ansar, who police invoked the national security law against on Tuesday, has run an illegal gambling (satta) racket and smack and bootlegging syndicate for years. He has been arrested several times in the past. Sources said that unlike the MCOCA, investigating financial wrongdoing is not the job of the NSA and therefore ED was asked to probe into Ansar’s earnings and money laundering possibilities.
After receiving the communication from Delhi Police, ED reviews the four FIRs recorded in the Jahangirpuri clashes. Apart from the main FIR, which is being investigated by the Delhi Police Criminal Section, a second FIR is registered against Younus alias Sonu Chikna.
“Money laundering also falls under violation of the Arms Act. We are looking at FIRs and documents provided by Delhi Police,” an ED source said, adding that a case could be registered under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). whether prima facie evidence suggests violations.
Initial investigation and background check by the Crime Branch indicate that Ansar and others likely invested the proceeds of crime in real estate in Delhi and West Bengal through property acquisitions, questionable transactions and land grabbing. Two years ago, ED registered a case under PMLA in the 2020 North East Delhi riots and later a complaint against Tahir Hussain.
Meanwhile, police said on Friday they investigated a viral photo showing Ansar posing with a BMW and found the car belonged to a South Delhi businessman. It was a contested BMW car and Ansar had used its influence to catch it.
“He later sold the car to someone in West Bengal. The owner of the car had filed a complaint with the Delhi Police. The police even asked Ansar to return the car,” a source said. .
Cops are also analyzing Ansar’s connection to Raj Malhotra’s fake Facebook account.
Around 25 people have been arrested in connection with last Saturday’s violence in Jahangirpuri. Police have questioned at least three other suspects and the number of arrests could increase.
The preliminary investigation suggests that Ansar was plotting at least three days earlier to disrupt peace and harmony in the region by obstructing Hanuman Jayanti’s procession. Cops say they came across electronic evidence and information about a meeting held by Ansar as the motorcade approached.

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