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The village has been pretty quiet this week, unless you expect to hear the grass growing. Carmen Toby and Janet Watters spent a few days in Hershey and attended the annual conference of The United Methodist Church.

We advance on the facing of the church. A few more days and you won’t know we were there. Many thanks to everyone who helped with the work and provided us with food and drinks. Bill Prizet Construction replaced the main church steps. They are almost finished too.

We had a very beautiful song sung by the choir at church this morning, “God is calling us”. It went well with Carmen’s message. Next week will be the time for fellowship after church, good food, good people. Pastor Bill will be back with us. He and Val traveled to Virginia to attend the baptism of their grandchildren.

We must keep his mother, Carol Baker, in our prayers. Also in our prayers Jason Harer who had an ATV accident and will need time to recover from his injuries, of course Eileen Dewey as she continues to regain her strength, Ted Compton’s family celebrated his life Saturday and for those with health issues and undergoing further testing.

I made a mistake last week saying that Astrieda Miller passed away, it was her husband who passed away and prayers for Astrieda and her family are needed. Sorry about that; I will be more diligent in my note taking.

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I’d like to send a shout out to my friend, Weeze Alexander, and prayers that she’ll feel better too.

Eileen Dewey, Jeannette Comstock and Dianne Kennedy took a short trip to rural Addison to visit their cousin, Alice Blank. It was Alice’s birthday. They had a great time together.

Steve and I, Kyle Knowlton (whose birthday is next week) had a great motorcycle ride today with our cousin, Scott Gerow, and his son Cooper who are visiting us from North Carolina.

One more thing and I’ll stop. I took a few of my grandkids for a swim at Hills Creek Lake yesterday and it was so enjoyable. The people in the kayaks and fishing boats seemed to have such calm and peaceful times. The lake was beautiful and the concession stand food was really good.

We often forget to take advantage of the things that are within our reach. I want to remind you of what great places we are blessed to have nearby and encourage you to get out and enjoy nature. May peace be with you.

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